Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Save our Women!!

The following link is very important for all women, no, everyone, to see! There is too much domestic violence. This has got to stop and it is up to everyone to do what they can to help. If you can't get your family or friends out of a situation, help at a shelter, send contributions, work to change the laws. Everybody can do something to help. If you live online, spread the word. We must stop this now!!

Please visit:

To see what is happening next door.


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cruizen4u said...

This is very true. It may seem as if everything is alright on the outside but all is not behind closed doors. In my family there was a lot of domestic abuse going on. I decided I wasn't going to be a victim and divorced my husband of seven years. Marriage counseling just wasn't his cup of tea and physical abuse wasn't mine. I was all for not continuing a tradition that started with my father. The five kids he had with my mother all saw and continued or became victims of this. My family and I intervened as far as we could in my little sister's marriage when the bruises were no longer hidden. Several beatings later and one of her three kids admitting that my brother-in-law was a drug addict who introduced him to heroin. All are safe now under the pastor of my sister's church and our family. She is now married to a saint who watches over her and her children. He bought her a new house and car after they got married. He paid for us to attend their wedding and put us up in a nice hotel nearby. It took my family a while to stop watching my new brother-in-law so closely, but he understood why. We can breathe now knowing she is in good hands. Thank you for letting me get this out. My younger son now works with abused children and I work with the mentally ill. My sister has become active in her community with abused women, as well as her daughter. My brothers are no longer married and are undergoing psychiatric help to work out their problems. Every bit helps and we are all better people for it.