Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peace Among the Stars

From Joyce's weekly questions comes this story.

Peace among the Stars

Thank goodness humans invented language otherwise I couldn’t properly express this story. Now I must admit that to make it available to others I had to rely on a pen, paper, and the modern equivalent of moveable type, MS Word.

This summer has shown some real revelations in my life. Going from one place to another usually calms me down, but a ride on an old steam locomotive could really bring back some pleasant memories. Now I admit I’m a bit emotional but when my worst enemy called me oversensitive, that hurt. I have lot of difficulty controlling my emotions. I’m a very honest and friendly person but I have a lot of difficulty expressing how really feel. I truly do try to be kind.

As I was in school, I found out that Gym class was not for me. I did great in history. They weren’t my best subjects, but I preferred science. At that time, I wanted to explore outer space. But I had a few strange things happen to me.

I’ve been a bit under the weather so I was sitting out on the back porch. One the two women I truly love was with me and that put my emotions into balance. I’m alone as I write this and this story must be told so I don’t want to be doing anything else right now.

A radio station just finished a contest to see who could sing the theme song to Gilligan’s Island. Why my other half was singing the title song to Mr. Ed, I don’t know. We should be singing the Brady Bunch theme, everyone here is doing something different. I hear the opening to the Flintstones on the television.

I should have been singing the theme to the Jetson’s. I looked up, startled as a spaceship landed. Granted I’m an intelligent person but when she stepped out of the vehicle, it was hard to tell she was an alien. Andromedan’s morph to the shape of the creatures they stop to help.

But, as she spoke, I actually understood this mysterious mind. I’ve been going through some trying times. Her mission is to help others achieve peace and self-harmony. It was suggested I spend a week in the wilderness of my mind in meditation. I followed her advice and I am now at peace.

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