Saturday, September 13, 2008



She’s your friend, your wife, your neighbor. How often have you said that would meet them someplace, go with them or drive them somewhere then back out at the last minute? It’s understandable that things come up from time to time. But do you make a habit of breaking your commitments often? Put yourself in their place and see how you feel.

Commitment is another word for trust. Breaking your word on a regular basic earns you a reputation as untrustworthy. It carries over to the business world also. One of the greatest advertising tools is word of mouth. How do you want to be known?

I’m using commitment and trust interchangeably but what do they mean? A commitment is a promise – you say you’ll do something or be somewhere and the other person(s) acts upon that promise. You make a commitment to drive your neighbor to church. She in turn gets up and prepares herself by being dressed and ready to go. You fail to live up to your commitment and she either misses church or has to find another ride. How often do you think you can violate her trust before she realizes you didn’t mean what you said? Show up after not following through on your original commitment and she will more than likely tell you has made other arrangements. It’s a bad twist on the cry wolf syndrome. You’ve probably lost a friend in the process.

Trust is closely related to commitment. Your friend(s) and colleagues expect, trust, that you will follow through on what you say you will do. You expect the same from them. Break that trust and it is very hard to earn again. Think long and hard before you allow that to happen. Do you want to be respected, trusted? How do you treat others for whom you’ve lost trust? Do you want to be treated this way?

The two ultimate commitments are friends and marriage. What you say in the vows of marriage applies to friends. Commitments made in good times and good health are easy to keep. It’s the ones when the world turns upside down and your friend’s life becomes hell on earth that your commitment means the most. Do you value your friend, your mate? Look inside yourself and ask what kind of person you are. Are you trustworthy? What are your true commitments? Answer this honestly and you’ll discover what kind of person you truly are.

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