Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Marv Wilson - interview with greatness

I have been honored to have the chance to interview Marvin Wilson, author of I Romanced the Stone and Owen Fiddler on his worldwide Blog tour!

1. Marv, You’ve come a long ways. I read I ROMANCED THE STONE (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie) and you have survived, no, thrived, after the ultimate downhill trip. Was Owen Fiddler based on some of the people you met on that journey?

Mmmm, not based on the same people, but similar to the types. Not based on that specific journey, but similar in the scenario. Both books, I ROMANCED THE STONE and OWEN FIDDLER, are stories with the same message about choices and consequences. We are free will beings with the knowledge of right and wrong. We create Heaven or Hell for ourselves with our choices.

2. Owen Fiddler seems to be the composite of all the down and outers with no direction, yet throughout the book, I can sense the spiritual message. Was this intentional and why?

It was intentional. That’s the whole point of the book, and I’m glad it was clear to you. There is a bit of Owen Fiddler in all of us. The degree and intensity of “Owen Fiddler” in each of us is the measure and barometer of our spiritual depravity.

3. I sense urgency in the words in Fiddler. Is this book a self-cleansing of sorts?

All my books are “self-cleansing.” The “self” – the isolated estranged “ego” is the bane of humanity, which you and I and everyone are a part of. There will always be urgency in my writings, because there is urgency in this fleeting temporal condition of human existence. What do we get – 50 to 100 years to figure things out? If we’re lucky? Most of those years spent in hormone-driven, self-centered, pleasure-seeking insanity? And we have ETERNITY to answer to based on our little puff of dust lives here on earth! If that’s not an “urgent” situation calling for some serious “self-cleansing” I don’t know what is.

4. Owen Fiddler, like I Romanced the Stone, is very well written. Are you planning on doing sequels to either?

Thoughts along those lines are in the works. There is a whole other “life after STONE” memoir to be written by me, after all, I’m not that old and not dead yet. Perhaps after (and if) I gain considerably more notoriety as an author I will publish a “life after death” memoir.
Owen Fiddler, of course, begs for a sequel, maybe even a series. I could see it being a TV sitcom-dram. (I just coined that word – you read it here first!)

5. I’ve read your words, in your books. Let me ask, considering the road you’ve traveled, is there, in your opinion, a good way to get the message across to the younger generation, about just how bad that type of journey is?

Old or young, the message is the same: Love and forgive your self, and love and forgive others as your self. Do good to those who harm you. Love your enemies. Pray for and help the weak and needy. How do we best get this message across to the young? ACT THAT WAY AS ADULTS! Nothing new in my message – Jesus said it more than two thousand years ago.

6. In a paragraph, can you sum up the Marvin Wilson of today vs the Marvin Wilson of say twenty years ago?

Marvin Wilson today is the product of fifty-eight years of trial by error learning and bumbling and stumbling his way through life’s lessons. It is said that there are three stages of growth from ignorance to enlightenment: 1) Not knowing that you don’t know and thinking that you do; 2) Knowing that you don’t know, and; 3) Knowing what you do know and realizing you will never know everything. Twenty years ago I mistakenly thought I knew everything. Today I know I don’t know everything. So I guess I’m half way there.

Marvin has written two (that I am aware of), great books. I highly recommend them to everyone. Here is how to contact Marvin and/or order any of the books he’s written.

Ron, I certainly appreciate the privilege of being able to come onto your blog and interact with your readers. Your questions were good ones, they gave me pause and thought, and were fun to compose answers to. I ROMANCED THE STONE (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippy) is available on and for more info or to obtain a signed copy direct from me, go to: The OWEN FIDDLER Ebook is now available at –and will by the end of January sell at and Print copies should be available sometime mid-year 2008. For more info about OWEN FIDDLER go to:

To contact and get to know more about me the person, my MySpace is at: - My Blog is at: and my favorite email address is:


Word Crafter said...

Wonderful Interview you two! The questions are thoughtful and give us a real look at Marvin Wilson. Amazing person you are sir.

JanetElaineSmith said...

A delightful interview, indeed, to two of my favorite "Misters." The only regret I have is that you didn't let your wonderful sense of humor show through. I'm looking foward to getting Owen Fiddler and reading it.
Oh, quit Fiddling around and get to work on that next book! LOL!
Janet Elaine Smith

Nina M. Osier said...

Lots of food for thought! Good interview, in both questions and answers.

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Thanks, Billie, you're pretty amazing yourself. Janet, I'll get some funnies into the ensuing tour, promise ya! An I ain't just a Fiddiln Dixie! lol. Nina, thanks for the comment, and Ron, thanks again for having me on, bro!

Anonymous said...

Ah..two of my favorite guys in one place--great interview guys!!!

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Hi Ron,
You've been Me Me'd - you get a chance to talk about you - how cool is that -- here's the rules.

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Mark David Gerson said...

Delighted that Marvin helped you find me. I'd be happy to follow you on Twitter...but you didn't leave me any way to do it! You can find me there at

Anonymous said...

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