Sunday, January 06, 2008

Free Gifts from a Fantastic Author!!!

Ladies and gentlemen!!!

It is time to announce a very special set of gifts! Marvin Wilson has written two great books, "I romanced the Stone" and "Owen Fiddler". Check this spot for my interview with Marvin on the 8th. Marvin has some special gifts also.

1) Please announce to your readers that everyone who leaves a comment on your blog-interview with Marvin D. Wilson will receive downloadable PDF file sample first chapters of both my published books, I ROMANCED THE STONE and OWEN FIDDLER. Make sure to keep a list of all commenting visitors – come Feb 1, send me the list and I'll send them the thank you gift.

2) All commenting visitors are eligible for a drawing from which I will select three winners.
2nd runner up will receive (his/her choice) either a print copy of I ROMANCED THE STONE or a downloadable PDF copy of OWEN FIDDLER.
1ST runner up will receive the same option/choice.
Grand Prize Winner will receive BOTH books.

The drawing will take place during the first few days of February, as soon as I have received the lists of commenting visitors from all the hosts.

Also (and this is for you guys) – whichever host receives the most comments on their blog-interview will receive from me (your choice) – either a print copy of I ROMANCED THE STONE or a PDF copy of OWEN FIDDLER or a copy of my CD, The Average Praise Band – RHYTHM & TRUTHS (We'll Praise the Hell out of You!)

Tomorrow (ok, midnight), Come see the interview with Billie Williams!!

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JanetElaineSmith said...

I figured as long as I was here to check on Billie's blog tour I might as well see what Marvin was up to too.
I have to admit that I haven't read more than just a snippet of his books, but I did enjoy that much greatly. I have interviewed him on my radio program at and found him not only delightful, but very funny. There is nothing that I love more than a good sense of humor. I'm looking forward to his release of Owen Fiddler. And I know a secret about Owen! hee hee If you want to know the secret, you'll have to ask Owen--er, I mean Marvin. I'm sworn to secrecy!
Janet Elaine Smith