Sunday, December 23, 2007

'Not' is a knotty word

"Did you hear that G sharp in the third bar that I missed?"

Uh, no I didn't and most if not all, of the audience didn't 'not' hear it. But the pianist did. Now he'll practice over and over to ensure it is not missed again!

"Look at that! I did not get that leaf paited right.!"

Uh, looks fine to me. wonder if the artist will try to put a dab of green there to cover up something that only he/she see's.

"Finish that story/book, yet?"

No, but it will be. A writer, like a musician or artist, cannot 'not' write. Once a piece is started, it must, at all costs, be finished. The wastebasket may be overflowing but the story shall be written. That is the nature of the beast. Dishes may not get done for a few days. Meals may be a slice of bread and if the muse has taken a break there may even be two slices with something in the middle. The mind of an artist, audio, visual, or written, is a honeycomb of ideas, but each cell of that honeycomby must have something in it. Each cell must be completely full. No honeycomb is complete until all cells are completely full.

As a writer, I cannot 'not' write. when a story is started, it must be completed. I don't mean just throw some meaningless pile of letters in there. It has to fit, to make the story flow. One wrong word, one missed letter, will destroy the rhythm, the flow. I, like all the other true authors I know (Joyce, Janet, Billie, Barbara (Babs) Williamson-Wood, Pee Wee, Brenda, just to list the top six), have to have the complete picture. What happened? How did it turn out? Did they catch the villian? Did the audience laugh? Does the story work?

That is what an artist is, plain and simple!!


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JanetElaineSmith said...

Well put, Ron. It used to drive my kids nuts because I would be playing something on the piano and the phone would ring before I got to the end of the song. I would go back to the piano when I was done talking on the phone and start in at that same place and finish the piece.
So why, pray tell, do I have so many partial manuscripts in my head, on the computer, in the file cabinets, in boxes, in manila envelopes...? One can only wonder.