Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hoppin' Snowshoes, Santa!!

Winter is coming! I'm hearing the words about the snow. But, I'm hearing it from people sitting inside a warm home. If you want to feel even warmer, grab your copy of A Lumberjack Christmas Revisited by Janet Elaine Smith.

Compared to Sawbill Landing, you are in the tropics!! I don't care if you live in International Falls, your place is warmer than in the logging camp!

What!!?? You don't have a copy of A Lumberjack Christmas? Get it! It's too cold to go out? That is not an excuse, go to Tell everyone you want an early Christmas present. Ask for all 17 of Janet's books.

You've read my post about gunpowder. We are living in a world lost to us. Let's bring back reality. Start with ordering a copy of Joyce A. Anthony's book Storm. Read it, then you tell me if it is fiction or true. Let me rephrase that. I actually dare you to read it and tell me it isn't the future!!



Word Crafter said...

AS always - well said. WTG Ron!

JanetElaineSmith said...

I swear, people, he isn't on my payroll! I'm just really really glad he likes my books. I used to say "They are really good books, and I know I'm prejudiced." Now I hear from lots of people like Ron so I can honestly say "They are really good books, and I'm not prejudiced in the leaast; other people say that too."
Merry Christmas to all!
Janet Elaine Smith, author