Friday, November 30, 2007

Et Tu Fruitcake

Caught your attention? Good! Because what I have to say is very important!

Ok, So it's only important to my bank account, but still...

You've read my previous post.

What!!!!????? You haven't??? Stop reading this and scroll down to what I said yesterday!!

Done? Ok, you've bought all the books now right? You've made some authors very happy. Now it's my turn. Let's get on with todays post.

Ok, I understand. You went in, bought all the books and broke your computer, right? Well, you've come to the right place. Check out:
My prices are better than the geek squad and you don't have to go out and freeze your santa hat off! You can just fix most problems online, I don't care how little you know about a computer. If you can read this, you can fix it, with a bit of help from:

Ok, that's fixed. Now let's put some beauty in your life.
That, my friend is your source for the most unique jewelry on the net!! Tell me your favorite colors and I'll custom make one. These pieces are not 'ordered', they are 'commissioned'. So when your friends, family and neighbors see it, you can brag that you commissioned the design and construction of your latest necklace! Just send them to:

Awww, I understand. You're having a bad day. Go to: for your laugh for the day. Click on the link whosonfirst, to learn about the baseball team. It takes time to load, so be patient. I will even write short humorous stories on commision.

SALE!!! SALE!!!! I have a pdf called Christmas's Near Miss for sale for $1.00. This is a great tale for the entire family. See how Santa loses then saves the day with help from someone very special. Just put a dollar in my paypal account: and send me an email with the email address to send the file. You'll love it!

I also have a site for critters that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Send me a pic and bit of history and I'll add yours.

This site costs nothing, asks nothing but could save a loved one, a friend or a family.

Missed one of my sites? They are altogether here.

Visit all, buy often!!!

Thank you


JanetElaineSmith said...

Wow! You are on a roll, my friend. If anybody can pass up these offers at such bargain basement lows, they have to be tighter than Scrooge! Good luck with it.
Janet Elaine Smith, author

Anonymous said...

Great job, Hon!!!!
Joyce A. Anthony

Anonymous said...

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