Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Specials!!

Let me say up front that what I am about to show you may or may not be on sale. But, each and every one of these is a must for your Christmas list!! I'll start with giving you a place to check them out.

Having said that, let me give you a rundown of what you will find on that site. On top is Joyce Anthony. Her book, Storm, will keep you riveted to your seat. Is it a true story? You tell me. Check it out at:
She also has a blog that can't be beat! Think you're good enough to get an interview posted? Check her blog, then contact her.

I'm not going to list all of Janet's books, You'll see them on my review site, But I guarantee each and every one of these books is a fantastic read. Want time travel? She has it. Want to visit Scotland? Her Keith trilogy will take you there. Ever been to Argentina? Pampas will leave you with a desire to visit. Remember the Civil War? You ain't seen history like Phebe has! How about a good mystery? Those are there also. You liked Charles Dickens Christmas Carol? That will be in third place after you read A Christmas Dream and A lumberjack Christmas. Pick up a glass of water and sit back and relive the flood of North Dakota as seen through the eyes of those who were there. If any of these interest you, check them out on my review site, You can check out the Amazing Janet Elaine Smith at:

Like a good contemporary mystery? Read Inner Trappings by Barbara Williamson-Wood. Her reviews are also on my site. This young lady is a writers writer. She has been the inspiration for many that have followed her. Stop by and pick up your copies of her books today. These are great reads for those long, cold nights.

How were your high school years? Feel like reliving them? Feel the romance and the tensions of the teenage years all over again with Joyce Scarborough's True Blue Forever and Different Roads. Again, check my review site for more information or visit Joyce's sites: Joyce's Blog:

The best books on the market come from Star Publishing. That's because the owner, Krisitie Maguire won't publish just anything. If it is not top quality, it doesn't make it at Star. She is also a first rate author. Learn more about her at or visit

Historical fiction that is accurate is hard to do. It's even harder when the perspective is absolutely not what you would expect! Peggy Bell has put a twist on the Civil War with Fixin' Things. Visit her website at: and check out her ancient history books.

It's winter time!! Let's warm up by taking a trip to Texas and see how the Ocotillo blooms. Linde LaRoque takes us down the dusty roads to a ranch unlike any you have ever seen! Visit my review site for more insight into How the Ocotillo Blooms.

Remember World War II? Anita Bloom Ornoff does. She went Beyond Dancing in her memories. Visit to read just how far beyone dancing she went. Learn what the WAAC was really like. We were fighting against discrimination overseas, but look how much we had here at home!!

Speaking of romance, stop over to West Virginia and visit The Kahills of Willow Walk by Sylvia K.Hamilton. This girl puts you in the mood to start wearing designer clothes! Check the review on and also visit her sites:

Sherlock Holmes was a good detcctive and his biographer, Doctor Watson was good. But they don't hold a candle to Billie Williams! By the time you figure out who the bad guy is, you've finished the book! Don't worry, go to and order more. This girl puts the dagger in cloak and dagger. Read what her book is all about on the review site,

The Perfect Candidate isn't a book, yet, but it should be!! Tricia Ballad knows how to tie romance and office politics together. Check her out, this is one great read!

Now we are down to the point of reality. Do you trust your doctor? Your pharmacist? How sure are you that someone in your family or your friends are not hooked on one of the most lethal drugs available. Fatal Addiction will open your eyes and scare the pants off of you. But it is a most important read. Stop by the review site for more information.

Romance is in the air. No, wait, that's marijuana. That's where it started, but where it ended up was much worse! Marvin Wilson explains how easy it is to go from bad to much worse, in I Romanced the Stone! Check out this: If you believe that one taste won't hurt, Read I Romanced the Stone, or Fatal Addiction.


JanetElaineSmith said...

WOW! Ron, you done us all proud. Thank you so much for your support of your fellow authors' works. You're the best!
And now, stop reading this and go check out all of the books he listed. As it says on my (main) website: Give a book: it's the list that keeps on giving!
Janet Elaine Smith, author

Tricia Ballad said...

The Perfect Candidate is definitely still available from Wild Rose Press

Tricia Ballad

Anonymous said...

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