Friday, November 30, 2007

Et Tu Fruitcake

Caught your attention? Good! Because what I have to say is very important!

Ok, So it's only important to my bank account, but still...

You've read my previous post.

What!!!!????? You haven't??? Stop reading this and scroll down to what I said yesterday!!

Done? Ok, you've bought all the books now right? You've made some authors very happy. Now it's my turn. Let's get on with todays post.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Specials!!

Let me say up front that what I am about to show you may or may not be on sale. But, each and every one of these is a must for your Christmas list!! I'll start with giving you a place to check them out.

Having said that, let me give you a rundown of what you will find on that site. On top is Joyce Anthony. Her book, Storm, will keep you riveted to your seat. Is it a true story? You tell me. Check it out at:
She also has a blog that can't be beat! Think you're good enough to get an interview posted? Check her blog, then contact her.

I'm not going to list all of Janet's books, You'll see them on my review site, But I guarantee each and every one of these books is a fantastic read. Want time travel? She has it. Want to visit Scotland? Her Keith trilogy will take you there. Ever been to Argentina? Pampas will leave you with a desire to visit. Remember the Civil War? You ain't seen history like Phebe has! How about a good mystery? Those are there also. You liked Charles Dickens Christmas Carol? That will be in third place after you read A Christmas Dream and A lumberjack Christmas. Pick up a glass of water and sit back and relive the flood of North Dakota as seen through the eyes of those who were there. If any of these interest you, check them out on my review site, You can check out the Amazing Janet Elaine Smith at:

Like a good contemporary mystery? Read Inner Trappings by Barbara Williamson-Wood. Her reviews are also on my site. This young lady is a writers writer. She has been the inspiration for many that have followed her. Stop by and pick up your copies of her books today. These are great reads for those long, cold nights.

How were your high school years? Feel like reliving them? Feel the romance and the tensions of the teenage years all over again with Joyce Scarborough's True Blue Forever and Different Roads. Again, check my review site for more information or visit Joyce's sites: Joyce's Blog:

The best books on the market come from Star Publishing. That's because the owner, Krisitie Maguire won't publish just anything. If it is not top quality, it doesn't make it at Star. She is also a first rate author. Learn more about her at or visit

Historical fiction that is accurate is hard to do. It's even harder when the perspective is absolutely not what you would expect! Peggy Bell has put a twist on the Civil War with Fixin' Things. Visit her website at: and check out her ancient history books.

It's winter time!! Let's warm up by taking a trip to Texas and see how the Ocotillo blooms. Linde LaRoque takes us down the dusty roads to a ranch unlike any you have ever seen! Visit my review site for more insight into How the Ocotillo Blooms.

Remember World War II? Anita Bloom Ornoff does. She went Beyond Dancing in her memories. Visit to read just how far beyone dancing she went. Learn what the WAAC was really like. We were fighting against discrimination overseas, but look how much we had here at home!!

Speaking of romance, stop over to West Virginia and visit The Kahills of Willow Walk by Sylvia K.Hamilton. This girl puts you in the mood to start wearing designer clothes! Check the review on and also visit her sites:

Sherlock Holmes was a good detcctive and his biographer, Doctor Watson was good. But they don't hold a candle to Billie Williams! By the time you figure out who the bad guy is, you've finished the book! Don't worry, go to and order more. This girl puts the dagger in cloak and dagger. Read what her book is all about on the review site,

The Perfect Candidate isn't a book, yet, but it should be!! Tricia Ballad knows how to tie romance and office politics together. Check her out, this is one great read!

Now we are down to the point of reality. Do you trust your doctor? Your pharmacist? How sure are you that someone in your family or your friends are not hooked on one of the most lethal drugs available. Fatal Addiction will open your eyes and scare the pants off of you. But it is a most important read. Stop by the review site for more information.

Romance is in the air. No, wait, that's marijuana. That's where it started, but where it ended up was much worse! Marvin Wilson explains how easy it is to go from bad to much worse, in I Romanced the Stone! Check out this: If you believe that one taste won't hurt, Read I Romanced the Stone, or Fatal Addiction.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wake up and smell the gunpowder

Madeline Ohare is gone. Gather up your friends, neighbors, any and everyone you can get, and get a petition started to get prayers back in school. No, praying for students in not mandatory, but by gosh it should sure be available without some idiot saying they are wrong!!! While you are out campaigning for this, add it is time to take back our kids!

We have been so protective of kids that disipline is totally gone. Look wrong at a child and your ass is in the local lockup. The kids know this and use it to their advantage. So much so that we've had Columbine, and how many other school shootings? We as parents are the minority, the oppressed ones.

By constitutional law we are allowed to have guns. That does not give our undisiplined offspring the right to settle their disputes with them. We live in a materialistic world. It's gimme gimme all over the stores. What happened to family values?

Will putting God back in school solve this? No, but it is a start. Revisit the laws of abuse and get realistic. Yes, there is a lot of it, but look who does most of it. We have had generations of overprotected kids to the point that parents really have no control. The kid wants, the kid gets. This is flat out wrong!

We are adults. Let's act like it! We need a return to good manners, respect, and some form of belief in a higher power. We are now living in a nation of anarchy. Wake up people, smell the gunpowder!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's Christmas gift time

It's time to start that great holiday tradition of buying gifts for your loved ones. What greater gift can there be besides a custom ordered beaded necklace?

I make these and the proceeds are used so I can buy my family gifts. This is my income, the kids need shoes, check out:

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Thank you


Friday, November 23, 2007

Lovely hands

Abuse, in any form is unacceptable!! The following is from Karina Fabian. There will be a copy also on the wings website:

Please take the time to read and visit wings4help.

Thank you


Lovely Hands
Karina L. Fabian

“Shut up! Will you just shut up?!”
I could hear myself shouting, could feel the sting as I slapped my 3-year old again and again, yet somehow, it didn’t register that it was me. All that registered was a blinding rage. Why couldn’t he just cooperate? Just once! When I have so much to do and no help, not from anyone, not from him, not from my husband. For better or worse? Or was it better or work? Barry can’t come home at a reasonable hour, no, and he is no help, no help and neither is Tony and all I want to do is get these groceries bought and get home. Why can’t he cooperate? Why can’t he just help? Why? Why can’t Tony just sit still in the cart, just quiet? Just once?!
“Stop whining! Just shut up!”
I raised my hand again. Someone grabbed it. I stopped mid-sentence, mid-rage. Anger had given me tunnel vision. I didn’t see my son. I didn’t see the other shoppers. All I saw was my hand being held by a man with blue-blue eyes.
“I couldn’t help noticing what lovely hands you have.”
“What?” Was he nuts? I tried to pull out of his grasp, but he held me firmly--yet somehow gently, too. All I could do was stare as he turned my hand over in his.
“Yes,” he murmured, “such lovely hands. Hands for nurturing a child, not hurting him.” And his eyes pleaded with mine.
I didn’t know what to say. I had to get out of there, away from those eyes... I scooped up Tony and fled, pushing past the crowd that had gathered, trying not to feel their hawk-eyes on me, hooded, judging. Pleading. I had to escape those pleading blue eyes.
Tony’s cries were whimpers by the time I’d packed him into his carseat and climbed behind the wheel. I tried to wipe his nose with a tissue. He flinched.
I wanted to hold him. I wanted to cry. I couldn’t move.
“I’m sorry, baby,” I finally whispered and started the car.
At the stoplight, I looked at my hands, forcing them to unclench the steering wheel. Lovely? Nurturing? He was crazy. They’re veined and too thin. The knuckles stick out. The polish was too bight, just like Mom’s. Bright red.
Blood red.
When I think of Mom, I always remember her hands, how they could punch yarn to make a rug with such precision. How they found the smooth of my cheek with equal precision. What was it Mom always said? Don’t need a rod; the back of my hand’ll do just fine. Suddenly, I could hear her voice. Just shut up! Stop your whining! I could see the rage twist her face, her hand raised, those blood-red nails.
I wanted to be good, but by then, it was too late.
Those nails, bright red.
Blood red--
HONK! The blaring of a horn jerked me out of my dark reverie. The man behind me had his window down and was leaning out of it yelling and shaking his fist.
“Hey, lady! Wake up!”
The light was green. Shaken, I raised my hand to flip him off--
--“Such lovely hands...”--
--but gave him an embarrassed wave instead.
Tony’s sniffles had turned to snores by the time we got home. I carried him carefully upstairs and laid him on his bed. He let out a shaky sigh.
My poor, sweet baby.
I caressed his hair, soft and cut short for the summer. It seemed like forever since I’d just caressed him. When he was an infant, I used to sit with him for hours, just rocking him and stroking his peach-fuzz head. I used to sit by his cradle at night, listening to him breathe, so afraid that something would happen. Those first steps; I set pillows around the coffee table because I didn't want him to hurt his little face. He’s only 3. Was it really so long ago?
I caressed his cheek. There were no red marks. This time. I remembered my own childhood--the excuses, the sweaters in the summertime.
An old lullaby drifted in my head
Where they can be petted
And polished and fed
And carefully kissed---[1]
Again, I saw those blue-blue eyes from the store. “Hands for nurturing a child, not hurting him. Such lovely hands.”
Were my hands ever lovely? Barry used to think so. The first time he’d come to our house and seen the piano, he’d begged me to play.
“I’m not very good,” I’d demurred, shyly, when my mother cut me off.
“We stopped her lessons ages ago. She wouldn’t practice so why put out good money?” she’d said, and I couldn’t argue. I’d hated scales and exercises my teacher forced up on me each week, and whenever I’d gone to the piano just to play, picking through a song of my choosing, my mother would yell at me to stop making noise and just practice. I had defied her once. She’d slammed the keyboard shut, just missing my fingers.
“I don’t play,” I’d told Barry. “I just made noise.”
On our first anniversary, he’d surprised me with a used upright he found in the classifieds--and lessons. “You have such strong beautiful hands,” he’d said. “I’m sure you can make beautiful music. I’m betting you just needed to be older and maybe have a more patient teacher. Maybe, when we have kids, you can teach them.”
Today, as I was trying to clean the kitchen from the dishes Barry left--he’s supposed to put them in the dishwasher! It takes 5 minutes if it’s done right away!--and wipe up the mess of oatmeal and jelly Tony left on the wall, Tony had wandered into the living room and plunked himself at the piano. And I ran over and slammed the keyboard shut just as his jellied hands went for the keys. Had I even thought I might catch his little fingers in the process?
I clenched my hands into a fist, pressed them to my lips to keep from sobbing aloud. I could feel the design of the mother’s ring digging into my lower lip. Barry had given it to me the day Tony was born. “You’re going to be such a great mom,” he’d whispered as he kissed first me, then Tony. I pressed harder.
Spare the rod... Don’t need a rod when my hand’ll do...Hands for nurturing... Such lovely hands...A more patient teacher…
How long I sat there, I don’t know. When I could get up, my knees felt stiff and wobbly and I had to hold tightly to the banister as I went downstairs. I looked at the piano, jelly on the bench form where he’d climbed up. I tried to imagine him there (clean handed) banging away at the keys, smiling beatifically. Then later, older, working through a song his face furrowed in concentration. Me next to him, guiding him gently with lovely hands.
God, I wanted that.
I sat down for a moment, getting jelly on my jeans and indulging in the sweetness of that dream. I was not my mother. I never wanted to be like her.
I didn’t have to be like her, but I knew now I couldn’t change myself. Not alone. I needed another teacher.
I rose from the piano, heaved a deep, cleansing sigh and headed to the study. My hands trembled as I flipped through the phone book, found the number and dialed.
When the lady answered, I could no longer hold back my tears.
“Yes, I... I want to stop hurting my baby.”

In 2002, an estimated 896,000 children suffered abuse or neglect at the hand of their caregivers, according to the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect. A 1987 study predicted that one third of people abused as children become abusers themselves. Research also shows that parents can break the cycle with help. If you find yourself part of this cycle, get help. Look for local support groups in the Yellow Pages under Abuse or call Childhelp at 1-800-422-4453.
[1] From “If Babies Were Birdies” by Janeen Brady (@1988 Janeen Brady, Brite Music)
reprinted with permission

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Here it is, at last!!

Finally, a one stop place to do all your Christmas shopping! It's a simple site, but the links take you into some of the best worlds available! There are links to the most fantastic books by the greatest of authors. No, there's no Stephen King or danielle Steele. Anybody can get those at Walmart. The authors on this site are the elite, the cream of the crop. There are books here that belong in every library at home.
Check out Joyce Anthony's Storm - This book will keep you glued to your seat and when you finish it, wonder if it is a story, or a prediction.
Christmas is here. Pick up A Christmas Dream or A lumberjack Christmas by Janet Elaine Smith. She is the modern day Charles Dickens. After reading just one of her titles, you'll want all 17 books she's written.
Like a good mystery? Check out Barbara Williamson-Wood. Read this one with the lights on.
For a good murder mystery, read Billie Williams
How about a family drama? S. K. Hamilton will treat you to the adventures of the Kahill clan. The Walton's can't hold a candle to them.
Remember your high school years? Check out Joyce Scarborough. She will take you back to both the good and rough memories.
Ready for just plain romance? Check out Kristie Leigh MaGuire.
It's winter, check out this hot Texas writer, Linda LaRoque
How about office romance's? Read Tricia Ballads books
Want some interesting history?
Check Peggy Bell's books.
How about something to do with overcoming adversity?
You'll love Anita Bloom Ornoff
Want to really surprise that little woman in your life? Or even that manly man. Check out the boutique.
You are having computer problems? I can fix that!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas is coming

Christmas is almost here. Now is the time to order your custom jewelry, special story, or get your computer ready for all those incoming cards, letters and family photos.