Tuesday, July 17, 2007

poker fans!

Like to play poker but don't have a pc? Never fear, http://www.macpokeronline.com/ is here! Although it seems like everything is geared to the PC format, some companies actually recognize the fact that there are others machines out there. Mac is a bigger player than many PC'ers want to admit.

http://www.macpokeronline.com/ lists several sites for Mac users to play their favorite games. Not in The US? No big deal this site covers many countries. It also offers bonus's and beginners guides made easy. You can play for real and actually make (or lose), real money, or you can play for free and just have fun.

You've been watching the gambling tournaments on TV and you know you are good at Texas Hold em. Then you go to your computer and There's no place to practice your skills because you prefer a Mac to a PC. Well, now you can. Just log on to http://www.macpokeronline.com/ and have the time of your life!

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