Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stop the slaughter notice


To everyone that reads this. I will be posting a blog on the first of August called Stop the Slaughter. It deals with Hartz Company and a product they make called One-Stop flea treatment. They have the standard warnings of age, size, illness and pregnancy. They do NOT tell you that this product is also fatal to healthy, older cats! It doesn't kill them all but very very many have died as a result of this reckless endangerment.

I would appreciate it if everyone that reads the notice copies it and reposts it on every blog you have. This has got to stop!!!

Thank you


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

poker fans!

Like to play poker but don't have a pc? Never fear, is here! Although it seems like everything is geared to the PC format, some companies actually recognize the fact that there are others machines out there. Mac is a bigger player than many PC'ers want to admit. lists several sites for Mac users to play their favorite games. Not in The US? No big deal this site covers many countries. It also offers bonus's and beginners guides made easy. You can play for real and actually make (or lose), real money, or you can play for free and just have fun.

You've been watching the gambling tournaments on TV and you know you are good at Texas Hold em. Then you go to your computer and There's no place to practice your skills because you prefer a Mac to a PC. Well, now you can. Just log on to and have the time of your life!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Call for action

Subject: WINGS

WINGS is an advocacy group with the goal of getting resources into the hands of those that need it. We have several issues that we support as shown below. Our primary source of information is the newsletter that I feel needs to be distributed to the places least likely to hold this kind of information. Abused women are usually not allowed to go anywhere alone without the abusive mate hovering. But friends and family will go to get their nails and hair done Small churches and stores are also good locations. In the newsletter are stories, usually true but not always, that show the causes, effects, and signs of the abuse that is happening in our world. Even if the abused person cannot see the newsletter, friends and family can. These newsletters, the stories, and the list of resources are a valuable tool to stop this violence.

WINGS stands for Writers Involved Nurturing Guiding Surviving. Our projects are:
Abused women, abused children, veterans, homeless, single parents, abused animals, medical issues, children's mental health, Native American Rights.

What I need are writers and people that can distribute this newsletter as well as subscribers to the newsletter. Please, if you or anyone you know can help in any way, contact me at:

Ron Berry WINGS coordinator