Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Storm has arrived!!

Storm, the most viscereal, inspiring book ever written is now available!

Oh, wait, you don't know about Storm yet? I've had a visit with the author, Joyce Anthony and here is our conversation.

Ron: What was your inspiration for having Storm show up at a lighthouse?

Joyce: I tried to think of the most isolated, out-of-the way place I could, one that was also fairly safe from weather and critters--and a lighthouse in the middle of an ocean was perfect :-)

Ron: Where did the picture (mental) come from for a whirling rainbow?

Joyce: One day the thought occurred to me that some days all the colors of the rainbow swirl together so tightly they create balck--therefore, even on the blackest of days, there is always a rainbow.

Ron: Is Storm, the title and main character, a play on temptuous?

Joyce: Other than the fact he appeared during a storm, I find storms powerful. They always bring about chnge, sometimes drastic and other times subtle--but always a change. Like a storm, my MC is powerful and brings about change to all he touches.

Ron: Maggie, in her role, designed as man's best friend for the obvious reason?

Joyce: Maggie actually showed up out of nowhere and made herself part of the story--I didn't create her. She had her own reasons for appearing.

Ron: How did Storm remain on the island 33 years and have nobody question it?

Joyce: Seafaring men are often "ask no questions, make no explanations" types. There was the orphanage Sam grew up in on the mainland and Sam had a reputation from his captain days of being kind and caring--it was most likely assumed he had adopted Storm for company and help.


JanetElaineSmith said...

Great questions--and answers--Ron and Joyce. I can't wait till you get to my place on your tour. It will be on Apr. 23rd.
Meanwhile, I will be posting my 2nd trivia question in my "Book 'em, Danno" fun and games, after which I encourage all of you to go "book 'em" for Storm by Joyce Anthony. Visit me at

tumblewords said...

This has turned into a good journey. I've enjoyed meeting the bloggers who interview Joyce. Good job!

The Belle in Blue said...

Great job, guys! Looking forward to having Joyce over to my place on Wednesday, 4/11! Don't forget to wear something blue, Joyce! :-)