Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fire and Ice

I've posted many things on these blogs. But the one I am about to post is very special. Read it carefully because these two have pulled together like no one I've ever known and under the most adverse of conditions. This is the story of two hero's that I am very priviledged and proud to know.

This was written by Joyce Anthony and Shane

I need to preface this message with the fact I am not trying to convert anyone but God plays a big part in it--so if you feel you will be offended by the mention of His name, feel free to delete. I do hope you read though--it is very important,
Yesterday, the five apartment building I live in caught fire. Four of the five apartments were occupied. When it was all over, not one person nor one animal lost a life. Two apartments are uninhabitable, one is severely smoke damaged. Mine and the back apartment--who' s occupant is away at a church retreat this week are fine--just a very slight smell of smoke.
In the midst of trying to get all my critters out, I wasn't allowed to return--my cats and doves were still inside--the back apartment has two cats and four newborn kittens--and a kitten of five months ran into the apartment that was on fire. A snowstorm saw cockateils and a chinchilla sitting on the sidewalk. Why do I tell you this? Becaus at least some of these should naturally not have made it--yet they did.
As a lay in bed last night with now heat or electricity, I said a prayer of thanks to God. Then it hit me--when we could no longer come inside, my son was sobbing, heartbroken that we couldn't get the cats. As he held onto me, I told him to pray--we stood there, smoke pouring around us and prayed--I heard my son's words--God, please save the animals, please save Whisper (the kitten who went into the burning apartment). He kept repeating God don't let the animals die." As we prayed, his sobs subsided and he went to hunt down a dog that wasn't ours that had run in fear and carried the 40+ pound dog back two blocks when he found her.
I realized as this came back to me--the two apartments that remained livable were ours and the man at the church retreat--a loner who rarely gets involved with anyone, yet is quick to help if asked.
The firemen got the fire out--they entered the smoke-filled apartments to check for cats they could not find--and opened a window in the room with the dove cage--something else that could have killed them--yet the fireman was trying to help. Not one fireman was injured in this incident.
What saved our animals? What helped get everyone out alive? Faith--faith and a willingness to ask God for help--for it was in His hands at that point. I needed to share this with you guys. Why? Because so often I am asked how my faith became so strong--this has been the most trying test, but there have been others--and God has never failed me. I needed to share that--my faith is part of who I am. I thank God for each and every life He saved yesterday--and for allowing me to be here to share this with you.


Faye said...

Thank you for posting this.Yes,indeed,the power of prayer is so very great..This is a wonderful testament to that fact.

Anonymous said...

What a great testimony and an awesome story. It shows that prayer can move mountains. Just think what would happen if we brought it back into our lives and our country!!