Tuesday, April 17, 2007

bartender, pass me my pills

Mother says to Johnny, "Don't take drugs. Pass me my xanax please." What kind of message are we sending to the kids? Over 80% of the ads on television are for one drug or another. There's one to put you to sleep, one to wake you up, one for anxiety, one for depression, etc. The average home has at least four bottles of pills prescribed by a doctor!! Mom and dad get up and head to the bathroom, get a glass of water and a handfull of pills to survive the day. Before going to bed they take another handfull to survive the night.

However, booze seems to be ok. The ad's that aren't for drugs are for one beer or another. Grab a beer, take your pills and hope you can see well enough to find your car keys. But, make sure to tell the kids not to take pills.

Take the ads for drugs out of Readers Digest and other mags and there is nothing left. We have become a nation that is so clean and sterile that even the simplest of germs will lay us out flat. We are now the United States of Pharmacia. So, I guess the real question is, "Does Acccident forgiveness count even in fatal accidents?:"

Pass me my beer, I have pills to take.

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susanmaxine said...

Yes that is so true to many people turn to drugs for relief when they should be looking at there life style and changing it great read on your post hugs susan