Saturday, March 17, 2007


One last flower, one last vase.

I am now putting this black carnation in an iron vase, set way off to the side. This one is for me.

Words are the bullets of the internet. I wrote a post protesting the gestapo tactics used to put more money into the coffers of the Iowa bank. This money will be used to give state politicos raises. It will also fund non smoking casino's with twice the number of bars. That way all of those non smokers can gamble away their savings and drink enough to endanger the lives of everyone they meet on the road. No, the money won't go to fix or build roads, that would be logical and Iowa is NOT logical.

No one saw the taxes part. Everyone condemned the smoking part though and did it well. It was just my train of thought. Hmmm, maybe a trip to the park would help.

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