Monday, March 12, 2007

crush that taco!!!

I try to avoid politcal issues. However, our government (Yes Virginia, we do get what we pay for and this government is not even good enough for a goodwill bin), has finally proven just how idiotic it really is. Ok, yes, we all know that war in Iraq is just to reduce the number of male taxpayers. But their latest bouts of stupidity have me totally up in arms.

What, may I stupidly ask, is the problem with immigrants? I guess since they can't vote they are undesirable. Are they taking jobs of Americans? No, in fact we ship the good jobs to their country. We are not the natives of this country. I do not recall ever seeing a petition to fence the east coast to keep the pilgrims out. I don't believe the Mexicans, or any from South America built very many walls to prevent the spanish or portugese from conquering them. Europe has taken down borders and make a united Europe. What in the hell is the mindset here? Heaven forbid a mexican will sneak in to feed his family!!!!

Oh, wait. I know what it is. Spies and Terrorists come in through the Mexican border disguised as immigrants. Give me a break. The bad guys that want in to cause damage have much more sophisticated ways. They can forge papers to the point they will come in legally. Justify this immigration thing. It cannot be done!! Dont get me wrong, there are a lot of excuses and I've heard a lot of them, especially at Taco Bell!

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Faye said...

It would seem to me that the Mexican /American border should be way down on our list of 'needs fixed'.There are so many other issues that need addressing,health care,veteran issues,education,research for diseases,unnecessary war and loss of life..There is a 'Lady' in the harbor which used to promise this as the land of opportunity..