Friday, February 23, 2007

words, worlds, wisdom

It has been the week that should have never happened. I get in trouble at work for being personable. I learned that money, banking and humor do not mix. Tough, that is who I am and what I am. I am not a robot. Those were my parting words. Do not tell me words, I have my own. I know how to use them. A law firm finds a way to legaly steal money from my son, devastating, but we were able to short circuit their plans. Don't tread on me, I do bite.

I write tributes, but jealousy burns so strong in some that destroying me becomes paramount. I write words to honor the fallen, and come close to being crushed. Tis unfortunate that there are those that do not know how to listen nor to see. It takes more than eyes to see and more than ears to listen. Heed my words, feel my passion. Let not hatred and the worship of the almighty coin of the realm rule your life. Money allows one to exist, love allows one to live.

I have seen the world but now I see the world around me. I visit the earth from a higher plane. I am not looking down, nor do I look up at all that is around me. I am on a plane that has neither height, nor depth. It does however allow me to see the shallowness of those around me. As I observe, I can see that all too many have an existance that is solely dependent upon whatever materialistic gains are to be had. Material goods mean nothing. friendship means all. I need not a fancier car, but to love those around me, is of primary concern. I find more value in creating a smile in others.

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