Thursday, February 15, 2007

two more roses

This is going to be a bit different. The first rose is for some special friends that have decided to grace the hospitals with their presence. Now we all know these two are very good and are among our best friends, but they really do need to learn that on the floorboard of life, just to the left of the accelerator is the large pedal called a brake. we do need ot get these two to slow down and smell the roses (hint: this is a cybervase with unlimited room). Gale and Linda R spent too much time laying down on the job. Ya'll can't write the history of the world from a hospital bed. It's good to see both are well and back among the fiends.

This is a very special rose I am now putting in. I reserve the white ones for special reasons and this is one near and dear to me. I know now that WINGS is on the right track. I hereby dedicate this white Rose for all the victims of abuse. Please join me in offering a special prayer that it is soon ended.

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Barbara said...

Ron, this is such a beautiful piece. Written by one who is sincere with great profoundness,