Monday, February 05, 2007

set in stone

Before I begin, I must point out that there is a dedication to one that does not understand a compliment when given. I really feel sorry for her because she is taking others down with her. I have too much love in my heart to hate her although she is begging me to. She has lost a friend.

Another rose is being added to the cybervase. Kris, who has gone over and above the tasks asked of her, is now in the company of greats. Fellow roses, let us allow room for Kris to stand tall among you.

On my shelf that holds my cybervase I am now adding another vase. This one is carved from Amethyst. Into this special vase go the golden holders of sunshine. Observe if you will, how bright and warm the radience from the dandelions I am now adding. Of these two that are in the vase, one has been defined as a weed, yet it is rare indeed to find a rainbow dandelion. I have moved her to this vase because she is both a very tall rose but also the most unusual of flower, the elusive rainbow dandelion. She accepts being looked upon as a weed because she knows that most weeds can only see other flowering plants in the same terms. Once this weed takes off her rose colored glasses she would see that rainbow dandelions are special and very rare. There is only one in existence. Joining this new and most unusual of dandelions is another equally as rare. Irridescent and bright, she is a Star variety. Her nickname is MK, but others just call her Janet.

I have mounted, directly above this Amethyst vase, a special light to ensure their brilliance forever brightens the world. I welcome you Joyce and Janet.


JanetElaineSmith said...

Aww, thank you, Ron. I am deeply honored to be in your new amethyst vase. Yes, MK (Monday Knight) definitely has a penchant for the dandelions that others see only as weeds. If you all want to know what he is talking about, go to And rest assured, there is no way she's retiring. Things are beginning to stir in her pot.
Janet Elaine Smith

Anonymous said...

I love dandelions.They are one of my very favorite flowers.Why? Because they are very pretty, and two because they are like some of us who have been treated like unwanted weeds,or a convenient fire hydrant for others to trod on,and yet, they hang on and give their beauty to anyone who appreciates it.

I don't buy anything made by that company that manufactures poison to kill my dandelions.
Just my little way of protesting.

Jay Hudson

NightRainbow said...

You did it again, my love, let my silence speak for for my heart!!