Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Rape of America

The sign reads: $19.95, The cashier rings up 29.95 plus tax. Why? There is a $10.00 mail-in rebate. Spend another fifty cents and wait for over two months to get ten bucks!!! and that is only if you do it in the right timeframe.

Fifty dollars in rebates is really five $10.00 certificates that must be sent in, according to a specified date, to get a ten dollar gift card. These are from the same credit card company that sends out fifteen dollar checks that when cashed sign you up for a protection program that is 85 cents per $100.00. Most people don't even notice it, until it's too late.
The above is the next best thing to snake oil sales. Legal but just barely.

Smoking is banned everywhere yet the majority of lung cancer victims are non smokers. No, it is not second hand smoke. Those that smoke are banished to the netherreaches of outdoors. Guess what? That makes them stronger!

Companies use these and other legal tactics to get the coveted dollar. There is no respect left in the business, corporate or retail world. The idea is to get the money from the consumer at all costs. The more money these golddiggers can get into their coffers, the more control they have over who does what.

Look at what you buy, was there a rebate? That last phone call, did they try to pressure you to buy something you have no use for? Do you smoke? That really makes you a villan. grab a cigarette and you're sent to the back woods. But those murdurous drunks get all the advertising they want. Watch tv, how many ads are for alcohol? Once corporate america has everyone boozed up they can then start you on their next ploy. Prescription drugs!!!!

Welcome to America, the land of the corporate, money loving terrorists!

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