Friday, February 09, 2007

It was in the tea leaves

Karen returned home from school just as her mother was being loaded into the ambulance. The attendants said she could meet them at the hospital. but, before she could leave the police had some questions. it only took one to explain eveything.

"Miss, the last words your mother spoke were, "It was in the tea leaves." Can you...."

That was all he could say because with those words Karen said the son of a bitch finally did it. He said he would kill her and he finally did! At that point she collapsed. The paramedics brought her around and told her that her mother would be ok, just needed a few days rest and they wanted her to stay in the hospital for observation. She explained that 'It was in the tea leaves' was their private code for trouble and almost always was her father taking out his rage against whatever, on his wife.

Mike, Karens father was arrested and this time was actually charged with assault. The laws of the day did not recognize spousal abuse. Karen had seen her mom used as a punching bag at least once a week but never was it as bad as this. The police knew their house well as they spent many visits but could never do anything. Once it escalated to the point of hospitalization, they had enough for a charge of assault. One of the policemen offered to take her to see her mother.


JanetElaineSmith said...

OK, you have my attention now. I want to know what the tea leaves said. Keep on keeping on, buddy. Oh, and thanks for the nod in the last post. I hadn't seen it before tonight. It's easy to be there for good people!
Janet Elaine Smith, Author

Anonymous said...

Well, I have a couple of questions. Is this a fictionalized story? Or is it non-fiction?

As fiction, I'm curious to know more. But also, you have a summary of what happened, telling instead of showing. You shifted gears midstream.

I like the idea, Ron. I like the beginning. Take that summary graph and do the same thing to it that you did with the opening graphs. Then let me know where to read it 'cause I really, really want to know what happens next.

Also, check with the police or sheriff's department about how domestic violence is handled. I have been operating under the understanding that when there is a DV call, someone is going to leave. If there is assault, someone is going to jail. The victim doesn't have to file the charges, but the police can. That may vary from state to state. Or the laws could have changed again. But research it so you can depict it accurately.

Again, I think you're onto something here, Ron. Good job!


Barbara said...

Yes you had my attention also from the very begining.mMkaes you this fact or fiction.. very good read...babs

Barbara said...

Yes you had my attention also from the very begining.mMkaes you this fact or fiction.. very good read...babs