Monday, February 05, 2007

How we treat others

No logo on this post, it is personal.

I don't do things to hurt others. For those that know me and know a bit of my past you know and understand. I do not attack others, especially on a personal level. I put a compliment up where many could see it. It was treated like a slap in the face. Then she went the next step and posted everything in her group. I kept everything off list but she didn't. I was accused of passing the emails off to others. The only ones I passed them to were the one involved. She took it to the group and involved everyone else. That move cost me friends.

I went through hell a few years ago. I survived because of family and friends but it was literally touch and go for awhile. I was close to a nervous breakdown and closer to suicide. Thank the good lord for Joyce and Janet because I am again at that stage. At least I can release some feelings here.

I'll stop here otherwise I will make mysef worse. I just want to offer my heartfelt thanks to the two ladies that are my lifeline right now.

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