Thursday, February 01, 2007

Growing up is an option

There's something different, a title that almost fits what I want to write! Anything to be odd I guess.

I've noticed that there is so little respect left in this world. I was thinking it was because I was getting old (I am, by comparison). But I've noticed it in people of my age and older. I've belonged to several groups online and found some very rude moderators. Of course I left those groups. What it comes down to is respecting the views of others as well as just plain respect. I belong to several groups now that actually know how to treat others. That's why I still belong to them. There may be a member or two that does not know what respect is, but that is rare. Then we come to the 'real' world, the non cyber one. Now respect has become a four letter word (these kids can't spell either).

Ok, before I start hammering on those non adults at work, it's time to villify the general public! I was taught that men take their hat off when inside, especially a restaurant. What is the big deal with all these damn hats anyway? Take 'em off!! A line in a song says it all, "Tip your hat to the lady son". I have yet to see that happen any more. Doors are another major complaint. I don't care what book you read on manners, guys, you open the door for the female!!!! You also open it for your elders. It is showing respect for others, plain and simple. Ladies, get off your high horse and let the guys be gentlemen, it doesn't happen much anymore. Can you open your own door? Sure, but when someone opens it for you, say thank you and step through. You are just as rude by saying you can open the door by your self. We hold the door out of respect, not doubting your abilities!!

Speaking of women and respect..

Where did it go? Guys, we don't need to hear how you 'scored' last night. You had fun, did she? Do you even remember her name? Respect her in the morning? Hell, you didn't even respect her last night, she was just another mark on your scorecard. Aren't you the same guy that complains there are no virgins left? The same guy who gets all bent out of shape when women talk about the guys they've had? Amazing how it seems to go both ways. You had a good night? Keep it to yourself, we don't need to hear about it. I would say it is almost a safe bet that the person you were with really doesn't want to be just another mark in a list.

Over the years I've earned my respect by respecting others. Who I slept with last night, the number of women I have slept with, is my business, no one else's. I've learned that by treating others with respect I actually have more female friends than many guys. Duh! I get so tired of hearing about how easy it is for me to have a lot of female friends. No, I don't pick up women. I don't go girl hunting. I never have and never will. I've been married, am married and have the loves of my life. Who they are, and our overall relationship is my business. The females involved don't need to be bandied about like so much fluff. I've earned my friends. Don't ask me who my latest 'score' was, it's none of your business. Actually, use that term with me and you are likely to hear words you didn't think this old man knew!

Where did this come from? This is the result of a set of posts by someone who doesn't understand true love. It was fired and fueled by a collection of kids at work who seem to think that it is cool to have a lot of women on a string (I don't think the term girlfriend/wife is part of their dictionary). It's a 'You've been married how many times? You have how many women? You don't have no trouble picking up women do you?' comments. Excuse me, but I have some very special friends, one is an ex-wife (no I am not giving details about the divorce/our friendship), one is the absolute love of my life (You want to know about her? I'll tell you how well she writes. I'll give you details of how special she is. But if you want to hear personal details, such as what she looks like, do we or don't we have a sex life, forget it, it's none of your business. I don't ask about your love life, the women in your life, don't bore me with yours. Oh yeah, then there is the illustrious how do you rate your wife/girlfriend/last nights pickup in bed? This has got to be the most horrendous idea anyone ever came up with!! You do not, ever, under any condition, rate your love life!!! I think of all the stupid things the male species has ever spewed, this is probably one of the worst. The only person that ever hears how good they are, in bed, in person, is that person, only and I will guarantee it is not some dumb damn rating system! I never have to worry about respecting them in the morning because I respect them the night before, the day before.

I guess the bottom line of this whole rant is, what ever happened to the golden rule? Does no one know it anymore? For those who seem to have a memory problem, here it is.


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Jeni said...

The only thing you said that I would disagree with is about men opening doors for women. No, I don't have a problem with them doing that for me but I do have a problem with women not doing the same for others. I don't care if it is a male or female, I will open and hold the door for either And, if someone opens/holds the door for me, I thank that party and usually tease them too that I'll give them a job recommendation/referral if they are considering "doorperson" as a change of employment. A little tiny bit of humor, usually brings a smile to the other party as well.

Hats - I hate the hats indoors!

A please and thank you, followed by a simple "you're welcome" goes a long, long way as well.