Saturday, January 13, 2007

The thorn of the Rose

Dateline California
A man wants to take hs wifes last name when they marry. The cost? $300.00 and weeks of advertising. That is just flat out wrong!!! we need equality in every state at every level for everyone!!! Why on this earth do women always come out second? Why does the male get the raises, the high positions and then be allowed to go home to 'his woman'. His woman, his wife that he married and promise to honor, has to do six times the work with only a fraction of the pay.

All to often the male has an eight hour job that tires him out so much that when he gets home he only has enough strength left to grab a beer and the remote. His woman, on the other hand has to come home from her ten hour a day job, clean house, make supper, do dishes and the laundry plus take care of the kids and all of this while earning a paycheck that is but a fraction of her master.

Bedtime and for some odd reason his woman is too tired to make love. Now I wonder why?

That is not equal no matter how you look at it. How many of these masters get so fed up that his slave, er, wife, does not clean good enough, or is always too tired, or heaven forbid actually have friends to the point where he becomes abusive? "You called a friend from work?" This then leads to a confrontation where mr. macho shows what all that muscle of his does. At the hospital his victim, er wife, seems to have hit the door from at least four sides.

This has got to stop! Now!!!!

We are WINGS, come fly with us as we make right these wrongs.


Anonymous said...

From your mouth to God's ear. The only problem with this Ron, is that the woman has to WANT to be rescued. Not all of them do. Most fall back on that tired old "But, I love him," or worse, "I don't have anywhere else to go"
UNless and until an abused woman decides she is in jeopardy and must make a break, she never will. And all our efforts to help will have failed.
But, there are thousands out there who will take the hand that's offered them and thereby save their own lives.
W.I.N.G.S is a great starting place. Good luck.

NightRainbow said...

Unfortunately, the conditioning starts early--at home. Boys will be boys, they can stay out late, do this, go there--but "not my daughter", she needs to stay home and learn all those womanly things. It isn't proper for her to roam the streets with friends, join any clubs but cheerleading--never mind she has a throw any pitcher would die for.

We need to show today's women that not only do they need to stand up--to leave the "girl" behind and become a "woman"--but we need to show that little girl she has all the potential in the world to be exactly what she wants.

sxwwdfox said...

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Dorothy said...

Great cause, but I'm not getting something. Why can't a man take a woman's last name?