Tuesday, January 23, 2007

there is no reason for this

The Hidden Beast

High school, where estrogen meets testosterone; it is less a meeting of the minds as much as a clash of bodies. Emerging from this supercharged, hormonal drenched atmosphere were football tackle Jay and cheerleader Kathie. Everyone called them the perfect couple. Jay, the macho sports star was a teddy bear in Kathie’s hands. His manners were impeccable. Kathi, sweet, demure, Katie was at Jay’s beck and call. College was not an option, so Jay went to work in his father’s garage.

No one was surprised by the engagement. Kathie’s parents took out a second mortgage to throw their only daughter, their only child, the best wedding ever. Although Jays parents were struggling to make ends meet, they managed to scrape together enough for a two-week cruise.

Sharon remembers the day they returned. This was the day the honeymoon was over, today Sharon saw Kathi smile for the last time. In fact, it was the last day anyone saw her, until the ambulance pulled up to her house.

“No Visitors” was all Sharon could learn about her friend. Neither Kathie’s mother, nor Jay, once she finally got hold of him, would comment. It was the call six weeks later that finally cleared things up.

In public, Jay was the kindest, most well mannered person. At home, behind closed doors, the real beast emerged. Jay had always been frustrated about his ability to learn. He wanted to go to college, but didn’t have the grades. He would take out his frustrations on the football field. Once he got married, the frustrations continued. His new object for frustration relief was Kathi. It didn’t matter what she did or didn’t do, he still used her for a punching bag. The last time put her in the hospital. It also spelled the end of the marriage because once out of the house, she could tell what went on and could now escape.

This is a fictional account, but it happens all too often. WINGS is here to provide information and resources to help others in this type of situation. It happens way too often. We need to let women know there is help available.

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