Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Take it to the people that need it

I am a humorist, usually. This is one of the exceptions.

While you are reading this, at least one woman, someplace is incapacitated because her husband/boyfriend thought that women are property and beat the hell out of her because she did something he didn't like, up to and including something as simple as smile at the wrong time. How many children go to the doctor because according to them, they fell down or ran into a door, when the reality is that mom or day decided they made good objects upon which to vent their rage? How many young ladies, under the age of ten, have replaced their mother/girlfriend as a sex toy?

Is that man on the curb there because he wants to be? He is begging for money for food, yet you know it's going to alcohol. Are you going to ignore him? Or are you going to stop and talk to him to find out the real reason he's in the condition he's in. You will probably be very surprised.

This is only part of what we are trying work on. I for one am tired of seeing all the abuse and neglect. I know we can do something. No, we HAVE to do something. Join me, make a difference. The cover letter for WNGS is below. There are email address'es to contact us if you are willing to quit being a couch potato and help. Let George do it? We are George!! Help with us. Are you part of the problem? Or are you willing to help find the solution?


To our contributors,

We are WINGS (Writers Involved--Nurturing, Guiding, Surviving). We are seeking writers to head and contribute to any or all of our various causes. As writers we can make a difference in this world. Let us allow our stars to shine so we can aid others in discovering the stars shining within themselves. We want letters of hope, and help.

Our goal is to utilize as many resources and locations for aid that we can. We have the ability to use our talents for the good of mankind. Join us in building the foundations of help. Come with us to the brighter future that we can create. We will have one cause per month spotlighted with supporting issues and at times secondary aids. Our focus, at this time, is on the following causes (more will be added as time and resources permit):

abused women
abused children
single parents
abused animals
medical issues
children's mental health
Native American Rights

Send an email to:

Thank you


We are a star in the Abyss of abuse and neglect. As such we need to radiate brightly and let our rays of information brighten the lives of others.

Mission Statement

WINGS is for just about anyone who is down and out and needs lifted up. We strive to provide the most up to date and accurate information available. Our goal is to enlighten and inform. No matter your plight, we shall endeavor to search for the most readily available resources to help end your sufferings.


Anonymous said...

Ron, as the mother of not one, but two daughters who either are or were in abusive relationships, I know too well the heartbreak and fear of abuse.
You all are doing a great job, and you have my support however and whenever you need it.

NightRainbow said...

You did great!!!!! We will soar and help others do the same!!!

Anonymous said...

I can very much appreciate the sentiments of your group and your intention is great -as is the need in the areas listed.

However, I'm, right now, a bit confused as to how you plan to actually help the people in need. Will this be just by posting here, writing articles, having fund raising activities, etc.?

A little more information as to how you plan to put this idea into actual actions is all I'm saying there.

How do you want those of us who feel as you do about these people(s), situations, etc., to respond? What is it you want folks to actually do, other than just try in some way, where ever possible, to educate others as to the needs?