Monday, January 29, 2007

skunks and deer

Women are the weaker sex. Men are the tough guys. I really hate to burst everyones bubble here but that is totally the wrong approach! Why in heavens name is everything compared to the male?? What makes us the superionr of the species? It's time to ask that question the correct way. Why aren't men as good as women? I for one am sick and tired of having the female have to bend down to compare herself to her male counterpart. Men portray themselves as the stronger sex because they fear their true selves will be exposed.

The power, the drive, of the average female is enough to send the brawniest of males cowering to the nearest corner. Mom (a female) says jump, man says how high and when do I start? The fat cells of the male ego is often used as a platform to reach the height of the female. It's time to put things into proper perspective. The majority of men will claim their strength to be superior yet they are too weak to admit the truth. Put a woman in her place and the macho man has bragging rights to his drinking buddies. If he were to say the same thing at home one of only two things would happen. Either the little woman will put him in his rightful place on the couch for several days or if he is of the control freak variety the woman ends up in the hospital. Fists and guns solve nothing.

Men used to respect women. Then, some fool idiot decided that they were getting away with too much so he started to put women down. A woman under foot is easier to control. A controlled woman makes the mans life easier. Now he can think he is superior. He is the hunter, she is the prey. It is time for the deer to look down again on the skunks and return to holding their head high. Let the men spray all they want, their faux pas superiority just plain stinks.

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