Monday, January 01, 2007

A seed is planted

Our garden of life has a new seed. Nurture it, keep it watered and fed. This seed of 2007 will grow only as you care for it. Feed it new ideas. Shower it with love. Nourish it with the manna of the gods. Surround it with contentment. How will your new beginning, your fresh start on life grow? Are you going to keep the weeds of hatred and lust at bay? Use your talents and plant flowers of success. Watch as the bloom in the brightness of life's positive energies.

You are not a gardener? Your family and friends are. Work wih them, let them teach you. This is the year of growth, in your personal and professonal life. Use the tools you have at hand. Your friends are the hoe, and the rake. They will help you remove the weeds of doubt and discontent. Your family is the showers of love. Revel in it for that is the power and energy to ensure straight and true growth.

How will your garden grow? Will it be full of weeds of hate and dissiillusionment? Or will it soar to the heights of forever and return buds of love and creativity?


NightRainbow said...

Beautiful, poetic words. You are growing, flowering (men can flower--don't give me that look!!!). It's truly amazing what two gardeners can do when they join forces, become as one.

Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

Every day is a new chance to start over. January 1 is only a reminder of the possiblity we have every day. There is a story about the grandfather and grandson. The grandfather tells him about two wolves--one is loving and compassionate, the other is angry and agressive. The grandfather asks which wolf is strong. The grandson answer whichever one you feed. So this new beginning which aspect of yourself will you feed?
The positive or the negative?

Anonymous said...

Good points. Tir's made a lot of good sense too and I think I will try to adhere to those ideas.

Camilla said...

Hi Ron,
This is quite deep and very meaningful.
I really enjoyed reading it.
Thank you for sharing.