Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More thorns, more roses

Many people have helped me get to where I am today. Of those, most are on my groups list. To show my appreciation I started to write dedications. I will not do anymore! With one exception, all that read them, liked them. I am using this forum to recognize another one.

Jay, you formed a group of friends that became fiends. I do hope I fit in the latter category. As you invited peple in (your spelling), I was one of them. Through your group and your encouragement, I met others that have helped me progress. For that, I am eternally grateful. If ever I can do anything to help you, let me know. You have been a true friend to me and to the others on your group. Keep it small, keep it friendly. Between your southern corn and my more northerly, we have it covered. But, I have also seen some of your more serious writing. You, my friend, are good. Keep going. Keep the meds up else I drive down there, pick up Joyce on the way and together we kick your tail to the doctor. Take care of yourself, please.

I must say here that there are others that have helped me. I hope at some point in time to get a blog to cover each one. I do, however, refuse to add any more to my site since apparently I should not do that.



Anonymous said...

Well, Ron, I have several blogs, myself, so depending on my mood, I write in the one that most matches it. If you're talking about your professional blog, I agree, you probably shouldn't have personal dedications there. But if it's a personal blog, there's nothing wrong with dedications.

Keep moving forward, Ron. Keep your eyes on the goals.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I'm humbled by your kind words and generous heart. This is short because I'm speecless.
Thanks for considering JWW the kind of place you wanted to join.

Jay Hudson

JanetElaineSmith said...

I couldn't agree with you more on Mr. Jay. He is definitely one of the good guys! Well said, my fiend.

Anonymous said...

Authors have dedication and thank you pages, paragraphes etc at the begingin of books. Weather they be books of fiction or text books on art history. So with that in mind, why should NOT a blogger writing about their art, not have ocassional or a section of dedications to those who made him/her the artist/writer they are today? If you were writing love letters to your wife, then yah, thats too personal. But if its related to your work, then I say, its not out of line. In fact, its is bad manners to not thank folks who help you along the way. Why should it be different because it is a professional blog, as in a professional publication of a book or journal of poem? Even Herb Cane had dedications! What I read was tasteful and not overly personal. But heart touching and a reminder of how we can touch one another in ways we are often not aware of. Kindness DOES pay in spades. And it does everyone good to be reminded of that, in acts of kindness, like dedications.

Nancy Louise