Thursday, January 25, 2007

The mini roses

Most vases have a spray of greenery. Mine has wings. I am now going to puncuate this cybervase with some very special indivuals but I am doing this as a group. These are the mini roses one would see if this vase were to be visualized. Each of the following are fellow Toastmasters. This won't be an inclusive list and each mention is short, but from these I could write a book and these are the chapters.

With a brilliance of artistry, this mini rose has sharp, yet kind thorns. Barb Prall is the artist that painted me into a more refined speaker. Her thorns, her wit, have kept the group on it's toes for many years. She is a friend I am very proud to know.

Arriving from the north and landing in our midst, Cecile Clark is hand delivered to our gatherings. This gal has knowledge that even she is unaware of but subtly lets it escape.

Sandy Young is, young that is, and quite vivacious. She waltzed into my life and came to personify the self marketing genus. (yes that is spelled correctly).

I've learned much from our education vice president. His lessons are follow as I lead. Mike Anderson is a born leader. From vp to President of the club to area governor, Mike is indeed the principal apolitical leader.

Our resident feng shui house seller keeps our minds uncluttered. Carolyn Shay sells me weekly on the value of her friendship. Her living room personna is big enough to envelope life itsel.

We can alway count on Kathie. I have to give here credit for stepping up to the plate at the times she is most needed.

One of our building blocks is our most non taxing Judy Harford. As a fellow beader, she can string us along with her speeches. As a fellow officer, Judy is very true to form. She is indeed someone that can be banked on.

When one sees Judy, most often Eilene Sauer is with her. This is a girl with homespun values that permeate the group. She is a fellow writer and like Cecile has more to offer that one would first imagine.

The framework of our club has style, thanks to Gary Whitehill. His blueprint for toastmasters has rooms for everyone and room to expand to add new members.

Al and Marlene Myers are the patriarch and matriarch of the group. As we stray, these two have gently prodded us back onto the correct path. These are the foundation blocks of our club.

The future me, my clone is Kyle. He is my son. I know better than to start talking about him. There is not enough room on this or any other server to accept what I would say.

These are not all my fellow toastmasters, but they form the core group from which I have emerged. It is from these mini roses that I have flowered as a speaker. Many of my petals have yet to unfurl, but it is with the nourishment provided by these mini roses and others that my future holds promise.

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NightRainbow said...

I dont know thwem--but love all your mini-roses!!!!