Friday, January 26, 2007

get out of that chair!!!!!

Why are we just sitting here? Every second we sit, another child dies, another woman is battered. Why do we accept this? Stand up! Run as fast as you can and don't slow down until you hit the wall. Feel that pain? Imagine yourself at age six, feeling that, and more. Do it again, then Imagine your daughter, your wife, your mother feeling that at the hands of her spouse or her boyfriend. If you live in the north, anywhere the snow is, put on a pair of socks, make sure they have plenty of holes. Leave your billfold, your purse, inside. Step outside, without a coat or your keys. Make sure the door is locked and try to find somewhere to sleep. If you survive, come back in about a week and get in your car. Drive around and see how many homeless were wearing more than you. You had no money, no identification. Neither do they.

Does the above sound far fetched? It isn't. In reality what I said above is mild, compared to how it really is. Yet, you are sitting there, reading this. Why are you not on the phone? Why are you not writing letters, walking the streets in protest? Oh, I see, you are looking for your checkbook. Money solves everything. It doesn't. It may ease your mind, but it does not save that wife, that daughter that has had her jaw broken, again, because she dared to ask a question. It will not ease the pain that child is feeling when dad (or mom), decided he didn't move fast enough to pick up his toys and a few back swings didn't speed them up enough. Ah, I see, you are going to go give a couple of bucks to that poor man you saw sleeping on the park bench. Really! Do you honestly expect that to make a difference? Go down to the local soup kitchen and help serve meals.

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