Sunday, January 28, 2007

The day the world started

Today is the first day of a new world. I know this but I don't know what it means. I took a nap, and woke up to the oddest of all feelings. I know this. I am walking with someone very special. There is an energy level the likes of which every government in the world seeks but cannot attain. We are moving on the highest of planes. We cannot be seen but we see all. We see as one. We are one. This is not a world to fear, but to embrace. A conversation that can be understood by only two. Come, let us tour our world.

We see injustice, but know it can be made right. We see pain, suffering, yet we know how to heal. We see control, yet we can offer release. Can we do this? No, but we have the power, the energy to direct those that can. We offer the will, the prayers, the fire, of our energy. Use what we offer, use the love to obliterate the hate. Use our strength to break the chains of control. Use the fire we send, to sear the social injustices. We are but one, yet with us is the embodiment of all the spirits of change. Let us infuse you, to make the difference that must be made.

Let our wings offer you shelter from the storms of life. We do not soar over the world of pain but we do fly towards the sources of help. Our wingspan is large, we can cover many of the worst of the ills. Under our guide, take from us that which is needed to make the positive changes this world needs. We are wings, we are one.

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NightRainbow said...

Wow--the writing gets more powerful every day!!!