Sunday, January 21, 2007

broken stems and the cybervase

Not everyone appreciates dedications. One of my roses has a broken stem. Should she decide to heal the break, and retract her thorns, I will replace her in the vase. I never would have expected this, but I suspect the burden of jealousy was too much to bear. Tis unfortunate and I worry about her cybergarden. It isn't about the weeds but has she actually removed a vital nutrient from its soil? Her garden needs little tending yet her lack of attention to all that grows there may eventually block the sun, thus creating an unnecessary darkness.

My cybervase has no dimension, I have room for all. It must be noted however, that whatever color Rose I add, none will exceed in size or brilliance, the prima donna of the vase. Within this vase is a multicolored bouquet. There is but one that truly stands out, and she is the rainbow rose. For those that know me, this goes without saying. I learned last night that our rainbow rose is also a natural leader. I am thusly paying tribute to her again. I really don't need an excuse to do so however.

I am posting this to let everyone know that soon our vase will have WINGS. Do stay tuned for further developments

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