Monday, January 29, 2007

skunks and deer

Women are the weaker sex. Men are the tough guys. I really hate to burst everyones bubble here but that is totally the wrong approach! Why in heavens name is everything compared to the male?? What makes us the superionr of the species? It's time to ask that question the correct way. Why aren't men as good as women? I for one am sick and tired of having the female have to bend down to compare herself to her male counterpart. Men portray themselves as the stronger sex because they fear their true selves will be exposed.

The power, the drive, of the average female is enough to send the brawniest of males cowering to the nearest corner. Mom (a female) says jump, man says how high and when do I start? The fat cells of the male ego is often used as a platform to reach the height of the female. It's time to put things into proper perspective. The majority of men will claim their strength to be superior yet they are too weak to admit the truth. Put a woman in her place and the macho man has bragging rights to his drinking buddies. If he were to say the same thing at home one of only two things would happen. Either the little woman will put him in his rightful place on the couch for several days or if he is of the control freak variety the woman ends up in the hospital. Fists and guns solve nothing.

Men used to respect women. Then, some fool idiot decided that they were getting away with too much so he started to put women down. A woman under foot is easier to control. A controlled woman makes the mans life easier. Now he can think he is superior. He is the hunter, she is the prey. It is time for the deer to look down again on the skunks and return to holding their head high. Let the men spray all they want, their faux pas superiority just plain stinks.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The day the world started

Today is the first day of a new world. I know this but I don't know what it means. I took a nap, and woke up to the oddest of all feelings. I know this. I am walking with someone very special. There is an energy level the likes of which every government in the world seeks but cannot attain. We are moving on the highest of planes. We cannot be seen but we see all. We see as one. We are one. This is not a world to fear, but to embrace. A conversation that can be understood by only two. Come, let us tour our world.

We see injustice, but know it can be made right. We see pain, suffering, yet we know how to heal. We see control, yet we can offer release. Can we do this? No, but we have the power, the energy to direct those that can. We offer the will, the prayers, the fire, of our energy. Use what we offer, use the love to obliterate the hate. Use our strength to break the chains of control. Use the fire we send, to sear the social injustices. We are but one, yet with us is the embodiment of all the spirits of change. Let us infuse you, to make the difference that must be made.

Let our wings offer you shelter from the storms of life. We do not soar over the world of pain but we do fly towards the sources of help. Our wingspan is large, we can cover many of the worst of the ills. Under our guide, take from us that which is needed to make the positive changes this world needs. We are wings, we are one.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The cybervase fills

Tis quite a vase I have created here. In the center is a tall, rainbow rose. she is surrounded by many red roses and this collection is then enveloped by many mini roses. But, we are still missing many. One at a time the roses mature enough to be instilled within the rest. Another has been added.
A hardened stem from living a hardy outdoor life has not detracted from the beuty that is hidden within. His thorns may be sharp, but they are tempered with the humor only a redneck can provide. Let us now welcome our newest rose with the charm a southern gentleman deserves. Gale Sparks does indeed sparkle both in art, and in the humorous and newly added romantic writing he does so well.

Friday, January 26, 2007

get out of that chair!!!!!

Why are we just sitting here? Every second we sit, another child dies, another woman is battered. Why do we accept this? Stand up! Run as fast as you can and don't slow down until you hit the wall. Feel that pain? Imagine yourself at age six, feeling that, and more. Do it again, then Imagine your daughter, your wife, your mother feeling that at the hands of her spouse or her boyfriend. If you live in the north, anywhere the snow is, put on a pair of socks, make sure they have plenty of holes. Leave your billfold, your purse, inside. Step outside, without a coat or your keys. Make sure the door is locked and try to find somewhere to sleep. If you survive, come back in about a week and get in your car. Drive around and see how many homeless were wearing more than you. You had no money, no identification. Neither do they.

Does the above sound far fetched? It isn't. In reality what I said above is mild, compared to how it really is. Yet, you are sitting there, reading this. Why are you not on the phone? Why are you not writing letters, walking the streets in protest? Oh, I see, you are looking for your checkbook. Money solves everything. It doesn't. It may ease your mind, but it does not save that wife, that daughter that has had her jaw broken, again, because she dared to ask a question. It will not ease the pain that child is feeling when dad (or mom), decided he didn't move fast enough to pick up his toys and a few back swings didn't speed them up enough. Ah, I see, you are going to go give a couple of bucks to that poor man you saw sleeping on the park bench. Really! Do you honestly expect that to make a difference? Go down to the local soup kitchen and help serve meals.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Property, or person

Person or Property

“I paid for it, I can do what I want with it”. This should have been a red flag, but young love is blind. Kevin and Arlene met in high school but did not start dating seriously until they graduated. It an idyllic courtship. The engagement was not unexpected. There were the standard ups and downs, of course.

What is it about a gold or silver ring that changes a man? The first indication of trouble occurred a couple of weeks into the engagement. It wasn’t anything major. Kevin had purchased a vase and had it on the coffee table. On this night he was in a rather surly
Mood. Suddenly and without warning, Kevin picked up the vase and heaved it across the room. His energy and his anger spent, he went over and cleaned up his mess. Saying he was sorry but it was a rough day at work. Had he stopped there, Arlene would not have had the glimpse into his dark side. He added, “I paid for it, I can do what I want with it.”

Love is not only blind, it is deaf as well. These little incidents started happening more frequently. As first it was just his property, his possessions, he destroyed. By the time he started taking his anger out via things he had purchased for Arlene, she had come to expect it. She never read the signs.

The day of their wedding was the happiest day of her life. In fact it preceded the last two weeks of happiness she would ever see. They returned from their honeymoon a couple of days early. Kevin wanted them to be settled in their house before he returned to work.

Kevin’s income was sufficient for now that Arlene didn’t have to work. Since Arlene didn’t have to work, people were used to her not leaving the house for days at a time. No one really suspected anything when they talked to her on the phone. Granted the phone calls became more and more infrequent but she was a newlywed. As her calls became more distant, less informative though, her friends started wondering. Invites to coffee or lunch went unanswered. Vibrant, vivacious, talkative Arlene was becoming a mime.

Inside the house (this was not a home, by a long shot), things were much different. When Kevin bought the house he made sure it was set away from the others and was on the end lot of the new development. Life at the Kevin house was lonely. He hated animals and only had one phone and it was in the den where he could lock it up in the morning. Kevin owned this house, he owned everything in it, including Arlene. He did love her, in his own way, but since he paid for the wedding, he owned her. She was his property and was treated accordingly. Arlene did not see the trap, until it shut. He did not lock the phone away right away, until he realized that was a means of escape for her.

When Kevin went on vacation and went by himself, his co-workers suspected something was wrong. The day after he left town to go hunting, Arlene’s mother went over to the house. She knew she couldn’t when Kevin was home. No one had heard anything. The police did catch up with him before he got too far. Arlene was not in the car, but it was obvious where she had been.

At the trial, Kevin defended himself. He got life. On his way to prison someone overheard him say, “I paid for it, I can do what I want with it”.

This is not really an extreme case. Granted this one is fictional, but it is played out all too often for real. The goal of WINGS is to point the signs of a control type personality. Let us show you the traps before you are sucked in. Love may be blind, but learn the pitfalls before getting totally sightless. Are you property? Or a person?

The mini roses

Most vases have a spray of greenery. Mine has wings. I am now going to puncuate this cybervase with some very special indivuals but I am doing this as a group. These are the mini roses one would see if this vase were to be visualized. Each of the following are fellow Toastmasters. This won't be an inclusive list and each mention is short, but from these I could write a book and these are the chapters.

With a brilliance of artistry, this mini rose has sharp, yet kind thorns. Barb Prall is the artist that painted me into a more refined speaker. Her thorns, her wit, have kept the group on it's toes for many years. She is a friend I am very proud to know.

Arriving from the north and landing in our midst, Cecile Clark is hand delivered to our gatherings. This gal has knowledge that even she is unaware of but subtly lets it escape.

Sandy Young is, young that is, and quite vivacious. She waltzed into my life and came to personify the self marketing genus. (yes that is spelled correctly).

I've learned much from our education vice president. His lessons are follow as I lead. Mike Anderson is a born leader. From vp to President of the club to area governor, Mike is indeed the principal apolitical leader.

Our resident feng shui house seller keeps our minds uncluttered. Carolyn Shay sells me weekly on the value of her friendship. Her living room personna is big enough to envelope life itsel.

We can alway count on Kathie. I have to give here credit for stepping up to the plate at the times she is most needed.

One of our building blocks is our most non taxing Judy Harford. As a fellow beader, she can string us along with her speeches. As a fellow officer, Judy is very true to form. She is indeed someone that can be banked on.

When one sees Judy, most often Eilene Sauer is with her. This is a girl with homespun values that permeate the group. She is a fellow writer and like Cecile has more to offer that one would first imagine.

The framework of our club has style, thanks to Gary Whitehill. His blueprint for toastmasters has rooms for everyone and room to expand to add new members.

Al and Marlene Myers are the patriarch and matriarch of the group. As we stray, these two have gently prodded us back onto the correct path. These are the foundation blocks of our club.

The future me, my clone is Kyle. He is my son. I know better than to start talking about him. There is not enough room on this or any other server to accept what I would say.

These are not all my fellow toastmasters, but they form the core group from which I have emerged. It is from these mini roses that I have flowered as a speaker. Many of my petals have yet to unfurl, but it is with the nourishment provided by these mini roses and others that my future holds promise.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

there is no reason for this

The Hidden Beast

High school, where estrogen meets testosterone; it is less a meeting of the minds as much as a clash of bodies. Emerging from this supercharged, hormonal drenched atmosphere were football tackle Jay and cheerleader Kathie. Everyone called them the perfect couple. Jay, the macho sports star was a teddy bear in Kathie’s hands. His manners were impeccable. Kathi, sweet, demure, Katie was at Jay’s beck and call. College was not an option, so Jay went to work in his father’s garage.

No one was surprised by the engagement. Kathie’s parents took out a second mortgage to throw their only daughter, their only child, the best wedding ever. Although Jays parents were struggling to make ends meet, they managed to scrape together enough for a two-week cruise.

Sharon remembers the day they returned. This was the day the honeymoon was over, today Sharon saw Kathi smile for the last time. In fact, it was the last day anyone saw her, until the ambulance pulled up to her house.

“No Visitors” was all Sharon could learn about her friend. Neither Kathie’s mother, nor Jay, once she finally got hold of him, would comment. It was the call six weeks later that finally cleared things up.

In public, Jay was the kindest, most well mannered person. At home, behind closed doors, the real beast emerged. Jay had always been frustrated about his ability to learn. He wanted to go to college, but didn’t have the grades. He would take out his frustrations on the football field. Once he got married, the frustrations continued. His new object for frustration relief was Kathi. It didn’t matter what she did or didn’t do, he still used her for a punching bag. The last time put her in the hospital. It also spelled the end of the marriage because once out of the house, she could tell what went on and could now escape.

This is a fictional account, but it happens all too often. WINGS is here to provide information and resources to help others in this type of situation. It happens way too often. We need to let women know there is help available.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

broken stems and the cybervase

Not everyone appreciates dedications. One of my roses has a broken stem. Should she decide to heal the break, and retract her thorns, I will replace her in the vase. I never would have expected this, but I suspect the burden of jealousy was too much to bear. Tis unfortunate and I worry about her cybergarden. It isn't about the weeds but has she actually removed a vital nutrient from its soil? Her garden needs little tending yet her lack of attention to all that grows there may eventually block the sun, thus creating an unnecessary darkness.

My cybervase has no dimension, I have room for all. It must be noted however, that whatever color Rose I add, none will exceed in size or brilliance, the prima donna of the vase. Within this vase is a multicolored bouquet. There is but one that truly stands out, and she is the rainbow rose. For those that know me, this goes without saying. I learned last night that our rainbow rose is also a natural leader. I am thusly paying tribute to her again. I really don't need an excuse to do so however.

I am posting this to let everyone know that soon our vase will have WINGS. Do stay tuned for further developments

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another Rose for our cybervase

I am not a writer. I am not an author. I am, however, an artist. My palette holds words and beads. My canvas is either paper in the form of a word processor, or strung on a line. My brush is either my fingers typing or putting beads on a wire.
My foray into the artistic world of words has put me in the company of giants, henceforth called Roses. Into this vase I have placed many and there will be more. Some have been without thorns and others have had very sharp thorns. Both have elevated me from painter to artist. My fellow Roses with thorns have used them to prick me into action at times when I felt my muse departing. I waved good-bye to my muse, I had lost my touch. It looked to me like I had fallen from the bush and landed among the brambles on the ground. It is at these low times in my life that some Roses without thorns come through with words of encouragement. To make sure these words do the most good, some Roses use their thorns to wake me up and then offer bandages for the wounds.

I must, at this time, mention the Rose with the sharpest thorns, the wisest words. This young lady will not let me lie fallow among the weeds. Her name, is Molly. It is time to add a bit of creative water to our vase, and put our fellow Rose, Molly, in with the rest of my Roses. Welcome Molly Swoboda, you have joined the elite in terms of artistic talents and muse verification.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More thorns, more roses

Many people have helped me get to where I am today. Of those, most are on my groups list. To show my appreciation I started to write dedications. I will not do anymore! With one exception, all that read them, liked them. I am using this forum to recognize another one.

Jay, you formed a group of friends that became fiends. I do hope I fit in the latter category. As you invited peple in (your spelling), I was one of them. Through your group and your encouragement, I met others that have helped me progress. For that, I am eternally grateful. If ever I can do anything to help you, let me know. You have been a true friend to me and to the others on your group. Keep it small, keep it friendly. Between your southern corn and my more northerly, we have it covered. But, I have also seen some of your more serious writing. You, my friend, are good. Keep going. Keep the meds up else I drive down there, pick up Joyce on the way and together we kick your tail to the doctor. Take care of yourself, please.

I must say here that there are others that have helped me. I hope at some point in time to get a blog to cover each one. I do, however, refuse to add any more to my site since apparently I should not do that.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

The thorn of the Rose

Dateline California
A man wants to take hs wifes last name when they marry. The cost? $300.00 and weeks of advertising. That is just flat out wrong!!! we need equality in every state at every level for everyone!!! Why on this earth do women always come out second? Why does the male get the raises, the high positions and then be allowed to go home to 'his woman'. His woman, his wife that he married and promise to honor, has to do six times the work with only a fraction of the pay.

All to often the male has an eight hour job that tires him out so much that when he gets home he only has enough strength left to grab a beer and the remote. His woman, on the other hand has to come home from her ten hour a day job, clean house, make supper, do dishes and the laundry plus take care of the kids and all of this while earning a paycheck that is but a fraction of her master.

Bedtime and for some odd reason his woman is too tired to make love. Now I wonder why?

That is not equal no matter how you look at it. How many of these masters get so fed up that his slave, er, wife, does not clean good enough, or is always too tired, or heaven forbid actually have friends to the point where he becomes abusive? "You called a friend from work?" This then leads to a confrontation where mr. macho shows what all that muscle of his does. At the hospital his victim, er wife, seems to have hit the door from at least four sides.

This has got to stop! Now!!!!

We are WINGS, come fly with us as we make right these wrongs.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Take it to the people that need it

I am a humorist, usually. This is one of the exceptions.

While you are reading this, at least one woman, someplace is incapacitated because her husband/boyfriend thought that women are property and beat the hell out of her because she did something he didn't like, up to and including something as simple as smile at the wrong time. How many children go to the doctor because according to them, they fell down or ran into a door, when the reality is that mom or day decided they made good objects upon which to vent their rage? How many young ladies, under the age of ten, have replaced their mother/girlfriend as a sex toy?

Is that man on the curb there because he wants to be? He is begging for money for food, yet you know it's going to alcohol. Are you going to ignore him? Or are you going to stop and talk to him to find out the real reason he's in the condition he's in. You will probably be very surprised.

This is only part of what we are trying work on. I for one am tired of seeing all the abuse and neglect. I know we can do something. No, we HAVE to do something. Join me, make a difference. The cover letter for WNGS is below. There are email address'es to contact us if you are willing to quit being a couch potato and help. Let George do it? We are George!! Help with us. Are you part of the problem? Or are you willing to help find the solution?


To our contributors,

We are WINGS (Writers Involved--Nurturing, Guiding, Surviving). We are seeking writers to head and contribute to any or all of our various causes. As writers we can make a difference in this world. Let us allow our stars to shine so we can aid others in discovering the stars shining within themselves. We want letters of hope, and help.

Our goal is to utilize as many resources and locations for aid that we can. We have the ability to use our talents for the good of mankind. Join us in building the foundations of help. Come with us to the brighter future that we can create. We will have one cause per month spotlighted with supporting issues and at times secondary aids. Our focus, at this time, is on the following causes (more will be added as time and resources permit):

abused women
abused children
single parents
abused animals
medical issues
children's mental health
Native American Rights

Send an email to:

Thank you


We are a star in the Abyss of abuse and neglect. As such we need to radiate brightly and let our rays of information brighten the lives of others.

Mission Statement

WINGS is for just about anyone who is down and out and needs lifted up. We strive to provide the most up to date and accurate information available. Our goal is to enlighten and inform. No matter your plight, we shall endeavor to search for the most readily available resources to help end your sufferings.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Taking flight

"The ambulance took mommy away. Daddy beat her up because the house wasn't clean enough."
"I told daddy I was sorry. I didn't mean to say no to him. The doctor says I won't have too many scars."
"What's a daddy?"
"Look at those lazy bums! Maybe if they would stay off the sauce they could find jobs and get off the street."

Do any of the above lines scare you? They should. Have you wondered why your neighbor hasn't been seen for a few days? She could be ill, or she could be staying out of sight until the bruises go away. I have never met an attack door in my life, but I have seen some of the nicest guys in person beat the liife out of their wives. Read the papers, watch tv, and try to escape this. You can't. Spousal abuse is on the rise. How many children fall down two or three times a month bad enough to require hospitalization?

It does not take a piece of paper to make children. It does take committment to raise them though. I guess the making part is fun, but caring for, loving and supporting is just too much work. Life for single parents is not easy. Granted the stigma is virtually gone, but that does not make day to day life easier.

Is that bum really just a lazy drunk? How do you know? You judged him without checking. He could be ill, mentally or physically, but you'll never know, if you just judge and walk away.

These are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Writers, take up your pen, do the research and help stamp out these situations. I for one am sick and tired of guys thinking their wives, partners, are nothing more than punching bags. How many children have become surrogate love partners? How many children have we lost because a parent or guardian lost control?

You think that if you ignore the problem it will go away? Oh, wait, I know, it didn't happen to you so why bother? I suggest you rephrase that, as "It didn't happen to me, yet." Before that happens, join us. WINGS (Writers Involved--Nurturing, Guiding, Surviving), is a coalition of writers doing research, writing white papers, publishing articles and resources on this and other issues. We MUST do something! We have the power of the written word. It is time to use our words to melt the swords of injustice.


We are a star in the Abyss of abuse and neglect. As such we need to radiate brightly and let our rays of information brighten the lives of others.

Mission Statement

WINGS is for just about anyone who is down and out and needs lifted up. We strive to provide the most up to date and accurate information available. Our goal is to enlighten and inform. No matter your plight, we shall endeavor to search for the most readily available resources to help end your sufferings.

Old writers, new loves

Old writers never die, they just get erased. This writer is a long way from that point. I have been slowed down, but I am picking up speed. I've added a new piece to my website. Considering how this weather is going lately, it is very appropriate. One of the greatest unknown, but soon to be a household names is Joyce Anthony. Her book STORM is going to take the literary world by storm.

While on the site, view some other books, three of them are mine, but the links page has enough material to keep you reading for years!

Monday, January 01, 2007

A seed is planted

Our garden of life has a new seed. Nurture it, keep it watered and fed. This seed of 2007 will grow only as you care for it. Feed it new ideas. Shower it with love. Nourish it with the manna of the gods. Surround it with contentment. How will your new beginning, your fresh start on life grow? Are you going to keep the weeds of hatred and lust at bay? Use your talents and plant flowers of success. Watch as the bloom in the brightness of life's positive energies.

You are not a gardener? Your family and friends are. Work wih them, let them teach you. This is the year of growth, in your personal and professonal life. Use the tools you have at hand. Your friends are the hoe, and the rake. They will help you remove the weeds of doubt and discontent. Your family is the showers of love. Revel in it for that is the power and energy to ensure straight and true growth.

How will your garden grow? Will it be full of weeds of hate and dissiillusionment? Or will it soar to the heights of forever and return buds of love and creativity?