Friday, December 01, 2006

Religion sucks eggs

Aha!! I got your attention.

This post has nothing to do with religion or eggs. Although, I do hope by the end of this post you pray for those less fortunate.

If you are reading this, you have access to a computer. When you are done you will get something to eat, go watch television or go to bed. Do me a favor.

When you go get something to eat, try to picture all of the homeless with neither money, nor a place to stay or a source of food. Remember our servicemen who are living in the mideast, eating k rations while praying they don't get killed while protecting American interests. I don't care why we are there. The point is, it is American military personnel and they need our support.

As you watch tv, Check the news a few times. See the pictures of Irag? See the bombs and terrorist attacks in Afganistan? Look closely at those streets in Irag. There is someone with a gun on every block. Was that a pile of rock over there on the left? No, that was someones home. Now look out our window. How many bombed out buildings do you see? Is there a tank sitting across the street?

Duck!!!! There goes another rocket. Oh wait, that was on TV.

When you go to bed, think long and hard about all those that are sleeping in boxes and under bridges. How many paychecks are you away from that? You have a warm place to sleep, lucky you. How many in this world do not? You have a soft pillow for your head. Take that out and replace it with a rock. Leave the covers off and open the window. Guess what, that is close to how all too many will try and sleep tonight. Oh? You think I'm still talking about Iraq. Get off the computer and get in your car. Drive around, especially in the bigger cities. You'll see many that are homeless. Know any of them? They could have been your neighbors, Your friends, or someone in your family. While you are out, take that money you were going to use to get a cup of coffee and put it in one of those red kettles. At least at this time of year you can pretend to care and give away a few pennies. You talk a great talk about how we should do something to help. Good, put your money where your mouth is.

Now, when you get back home, go to bed. Get some sleep and try to convince yourself you made a change in the world. You didn't, by the way. Do something year around and you will. As you dream, picture what the Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Afgan people are seeing. Will the home be here tomorrow or will that next rocket or car bomb take it out?

Sleep well


Anonymous said...

Ron - You picked a heck of a topic there and no, I can't say it was "nice" to read, but you did a very good job of presenting the issue -up front and personal.

Doesn't it make you wonder though what CAN we do to stop the violence, the hunger, the homelessness, the unemployment, the abuse that abounds in our world?

Just talking about it, donations, volunteering - well, each does help in its own way, but none of the above get fixed, do they?

This problem is so rampant, so huge that most efforts are but a drop in the bucket. I have no answers - only questions, sad to say.

JanetElaineSmith said...

What a great thread you have opened up here. Yes, I suspect that it will open up a can of worms.
My husband and I have run a charitable Mission and HeELP line for over 30 years. Have we made a difference? I hope so, but as Jeni said, the problem has not gone away. If we believe Jesus and His words, it never will. He said "The poor you have with you always."
I think the biggest difference is that the "poor" and "homeless" anymore are just like you and me. I often tell people that the only difference between a homeless person and you is as small as one missed paycheck.
I tried to do a little to improve the situation with my Patrick & Grace Mystery series. I put Grace in the middle of a homeless shelter. Grace is an old lady--a recent widow--who ended up on the streets herself. I have heard from literally hundreds of people who have gone to their local homeless shelters to volunteer after they read In St. Patrick's Custody. I hope that, too, will make a difference. But no, it won't solve the problem. That does not mean we should stop doing what we are doing though. One by one, case by case, we can make a difference. The biggest problem I see in trying to conquer this problem is basic indifference. Putting a few coins in a red kettle is a good thing to do, but befriending a person who is huddled under a bridge someplace, taking them to a restaurant and buying them a meal--and LISTENING to them, that does even more good. Give them your phone number (but not your address), and let them know you are available if they really get into a jam.
Thanks for your take on this.
Janet Elaine Smith

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job on this, Ron---you captured the situation exactly!!!

Dorothy said...

Great post, Ron! I see that you have enabled comment moderation...good for you..I hate spammers!

Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

Excellent. Instead of bickering on what to call the holiday season, we should remember the spirit behind it. As individuals we can't fix the whole problem, but we can help in our little corner of the world.
By helping and giving to others, we only make the world better place.

Anonymous said...

You made some good points, and the plight of the homeless in this country is something that most definitely needs addressing. As for the rest of it, helping those countries less fortunate than we are is why we are in this mess.
I wish them peace and an end to the violence in their countreis, but I for one think we need to tend to America's ills before we try to tend to someone else's.

Anonymous said...

This is an experiment Ron. Hope I prove my point with it.

Anonymous said...

Or, let's try this one too and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Ok - I was experimenting there - in the first post I made to this blog - at the top of the comments part, I signed in with my identity -(Jeni - my blogger display name.)

In the second post I just made a bit ago, I signed in under anonymous.

And the last experiment, I signed in under other.

Part of this is for my own use too if I send my blog to friends or family who do not have a blog to see if they can log in and comment or if they have to have a blog of some type or other.

So hopefully you will post these comments for my use and also, take the information and put it to good use for the future of your blog then too -and sign in to make your comments in a way that will allow others to go check your site out, perhaps link to it and so on.

Ok? Thanks, Ron and good night!