Sunday, December 10, 2006

Let there be BOOKS!


Somebody said to use the blogs. I use the blogs. I a bloggin' away here. In fact, this is a blog. In fact, this is a bloke busy blogging businesswise.

Now that I have you blored to btears (silent b), then I have something real interesting to tell ya! I got a feather stuck up, well, up where a feather ought not to go, and updated my books webpage!!! I added metatags (more than there were), and added a page of pages. Sound confusing? I hope so. My suggestion? Unconfuse yourself (this is coming from the uncrafter and unwriter and I is unconfused and often unclear, and according to some, unhinged). You can tell me about that last part after you go to:



theauthormike said...

Ron, Now then pick a topic and start blogging or Ranting or what ever you feel like doing with it. Start a thread and watch it grow into a coat.


Anonymous said...

Good use of the blog tool! By the way, what's a meta tag?

Anonymous said...

Careful there Ron - like you I confuse easily. Well, some would say I stay confused - just easier that way at times!