Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The daisy fields

I am a sensitive person. I get upset easily, but I calm down quickly. I am difficult to anger. I don't calm down easily when angered. But I am angry now. Why? Because there is an epidemic in this world that needs our attention. It's called aids. Oh, wait, I know what you are thinking, aids only happens to queers. You figure you are not queer so it is not your problem.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!

It is everybodys problem.

It isn't just sex that spreads this deadly menace. Read then read some more about how it is spread. Sex may be where it starts, but dirty needles, tainted blood, and probably dozens of other reasons. It is not just the gay community, or just Africa, it is everywhere. You, your family or friends could come into contact and not even know it. Try this. Get a few scratches from you dog or your cat, then offer to help someone put a bandaid on a small cut they received. Wait a few days and go to the doctor. You may have aids!!! It is that easy to pass it on.

Check out this blog from an excellent writer to learn more.


We have only two choices. One, we ignore the problem and the world goes away. Two, help, in any way that we can, and the problem goes away. Which choice is yours?


Anonymous said...

Good job, Ron!!!! I agree with you--people need to wake up to the reality of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Every bit of what you said here is true, true and TRUE!

And, even if it were only the gay community or perhaps, just people in Africa who were affected by this disease, does that give any of us the right to sit back, stay quiet and ignore the problem?