Sunday, December 10, 2006

Beads, Bonds, Books, Beauty

It's pyscho time. NO, NO! I mean it's Psychedelic time. With the Beatles Sgt Pepper playing in the background, I managed to get my website up and running. Beads for sale or rather beads made into jewelry. Bonds and I don't mean that number 7 spy. I refer here to the bonds of friendship since I have links to many on the site. The links take you to many sites to add more books to your library. Mine of course is on front since I want you to buy my books. Actually you want to buy my books first since 'Computers Simplified' will ensure your computer skills are up to par, 'Simply Math' will ensure you can add up all the purchases you will make, and 'Journey into the Surreal' will keep you laughing while your bank account empties out buying all these great books, beads, and art. Oh, I didn't mention the prettiest part of this? Beauty is for the artist on the links site. There is another and when I get his link I'll add it. (Gale, are you listening?).

There it is, Beads, Bonds, Books, and Beauty



JanetElaineSmith said...

Well, since you are ringing things "up to par," I thought you might at least mention Par for the Course! LOL! Hey, it's called "marketing," man! It's a necessary evil of this business.

The jewelry, by the way, is gorgeous. I know; I own a Ron Berry original! I wear it often--and proudly.
Janet Elaine Smith, author

Anonymous said...

great site ron. great blog.

lady willow

Anonymous said...

Very cool plug for your products Ron! Blatant, yes - but it definitely draws people's attention to your jewelry site! Keep up the good work.

Jay Hudson said...

I like it Ron. You have almost convinced me to resurrect my blog and fiddle with it.


NightRainbow said...

Great post, Ron---see I knew the sales part would come to you!!! Now, we need to figure out how to get this exact post out---do you have a ping set up on this blog??? Please don't ask me toexplain that--I'm clueless--all i know is it should be in the settings--and it announces when you make a new post!!! :-)