Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wherefor art thou

Christmas has come and gone. Let me rephrase that, Christmas day has come and gone. What are you doing today? Are you reading that new book? Is everything ready to be returned? What are your plans for today? For tomorrow? You have tons of new 'stuff'. Is that it? You are all done with Christmas until next year, right? I received, this year for The holiday, some material items. Yes, I like them. But they get used, they may break, they may get lost. They are, in reality, of little value. I also 'received' some new friends. I 'received' a revitalized spirit. These are the gifts of the ages.

Does your Christmas exist for a few weeks, then poof! It is over in one day. Take that spirit of giving, that loving feeling and wrap your life around it. Live each day like it is Christmas. Smile at your fellow humans. Treat your surroundings with kindness. Christmas is not about gifts. Christmas is not about material 'things'. Christmas is the love and harmony we show every living thing on this small planet called Earth. It is all about sharing. What shall you give shall in return be received many times over. Let this year be the seed the spirit of Christmas takes root in your heart and grows to become the person you are.

Are you going to box up your spirit of love and put it on the curb this boxing day? Will your box of Christmas spirit be again stored in your attic, not to be reopened until next year? Are you living in a box, a self centered house of one? Take yourself out of the darkness of self containment. Remove that bushel basket and let there be light in your life. Take that light and show others the path of contentment. Guide your fellow humans down the path of hope. Be the guiding light.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Please help!!!

Please read and pass on;

If there is anyone in the Syracuse or surrounding area who would love to welcome a 3 year old Bichon/Poodle into their home, please contact me offlist ASAP. We know of a man who purchased this male for his mother, who then passed away. He's had the dog for a while but lives in an apartment and works 11-12 hours a day. Instead of leaving him alone, he's decided to put him to sleep the day after Christmas. The appointment is already made...YIKES! !!He is good with kids and other animals and just wants someone to pay attention to him.I'm heart broken about this, and we are considering bringing him into our home and hearts - even temporarily - but we already have two furry babies. (Not sure about managing a third???)This little guy is absolutely adorable and I have pictures if you're interested. He's all white, small, up to date on shots, housebroken. I know it's a long shot, but I'm trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. I want to try and save this little life.Thanks so much for any good thoughts or interest.Have a good one!Gina R-G

The daisy fields

I am a sensitive person. I get upset easily, but I calm down quickly. I am difficult to anger. I don't calm down easily when angered. But I am angry now. Why? Because there is an epidemic in this world that needs our attention. It's called aids. Oh, wait, I know what you are thinking, aids only happens to queers. You figure you are not queer so it is not your problem.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!

It is everybodys problem.

It isn't just sex that spreads this deadly menace. Read then read some more about how it is spread. Sex may be where it starts, but dirty needles, tainted blood, and probably dozens of other reasons. It is not just the gay community, or just Africa, it is everywhere. You, your family or friends could come into contact and not even know it. Try this. Get a few scratches from you dog or your cat, then offer to help someone put a bandaid on a small cut they received. Wait a few days and go to the doctor. You may have aids!!! It is that easy to pass it on.

Check out this blog from an excellent writer to learn more.


We have only two choices. One, we ignore the problem and the world goes away. Two, help, in any way that we can, and the problem goes away. Which choice is yours?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Flying Farm Animal Bombsquad

Like my title?

I'll try to keep the bull to a minimum (don't get me wrong, I am going to milk that title for all its worth).

I was going to say I don't want to hog the spotlight, but I'm not chicken so I'll ham it up here. Yes, you read that right, this is pun central. Throw veggies, the animals are hungry.


Sorry, a low flying goose just came in. With that, let's gander about and see what this day has in store. It's monday, not really the cream of the crop in terms of days of the week. I hope the levity in this post puts a few smiles on everyone. There is absolutely no point to it beyond that.

Ok, so puns get your goat? Sorry Balaam, but this is one donkey (you thought I was going to say ass, didn't you?), that lives for the next best pun. Words are the humans toys so let's play.

You are reading this so I assume you like to read. Visit the link above and check out the links page. There you will find links to many of todays best writers. Woud I kid you? (sorry, couldn't pass it up)

Now, to paraphrase Bart Simpson, Let's not have a cow here. My primary goal this morning is to start monday off with a smile. I am also trying to egg you on to read some of the great unknown literature.

I'll shut up now.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Let there be BOOKS!


Somebody said to use the blogs. I use the blogs. I a bloggin' away here. In fact, this is a blog. In fact, this is a bloke busy blogging businesswise.

Now that I have you blored to btears (silent b), then I have something real interesting to tell ya! I got a feather stuck up, well, up where a feather ought not to go, and updated my books webpage!!! I added metatags (more than there were), and added a page of pages. Sound confusing? I hope so. My suggestion? Unconfuse yourself (this is coming from the uncrafter and unwriter and I is unconfused and often unclear, and according to some, unhinged). You can tell me about that last part after you go to:



Beads, Bonds, Books, Beauty

It's pyscho time. NO, NO! I mean it's Psychedelic time. With the Beatles Sgt Pepper playing in the background, I managed to get my website up and running. Beads for sale or rather beads made into jewelry. Bonds and I don't mean that number 7 spy. I refer here to the bonds of friendship since I have links to many on the site. The links take you to many sites to add more books to your library. Mine of course is on front since I want you to buy my books. Actually you want to buy my books first since 'Computers Simplified' will ensure your computer skills are up to par, 'Simply Math' will ensure you can add up all the purchases you will make, and 'Journey into the Surreal' will keep you laughing while your bank account empties out buying all these great books, beads, and art. Oh, I didn't mention the prettiest part of this? Beauty is for the artist on the links site. There is another and when I get his link I'll add it. (Gale, are you listening?).

There it is, Beads, Bonds, Books, and Beauty


Saturday, December 09, 2006

At least it's a start

I modified an older website into just jewelry. Here's the link: http://uncrafters.tripod.com
This isn't all and the site is a long ways from being done, but thanks to a very dear friend it has gotten this far. If ya likes what ya sees, just follow the yellow brick road, or the directions, whichever comes first.However, just make your selection but don't buy it until monday. I have to redo the paypal. If there's nothing there you like, wait because I have more. Better yet, contact me and we'll discuss what ya want.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh my goodness, what do I call this?

Ok folks,

It's now official. I am going to spend time playing with this blog thing. [no Max, it's not like tennis, you don't bat blogs back and forth over a fence. People use it like a diary, or to rant. Excuse me? Oh, a rant means to complain about things, like 'Why can't I get plaid in stripes', or 'I voted for Lassie, why didn't she take office?']

Sorry for the interruption. Max is an imaginary friend who only understands things that are written. Now, where were we? Oh yeah, I was talking about this blog thing. Now ain't that a funny word, 'blog'. What does it stand for, I wonder? Basket log? Barbeque log? Beer log? no, that would be Beer keg. Aren't these $%%^%# computer terms just the cutest little ole thang? We can even link them. I can just picture that, a virtual link of words like cyber sausage.

Now, to answer the age old question. Ok, it came up yesterday but that was an age, wasn't it? I'll be cyber digging for markets for childrens stories. I know, I can't use the %#@$#^ part, but the rest is pretty clean. Of course when the parents read some of the silly stuff they might be $#%^& me.

I would have put a link in there but I had some cyber eggs and needed a cyber sausage to go with it. I'll pick up some more for next time. Maybe next time I can try to write something a bit more serious. We'll see.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Religion sucks eggs

Aha!! I got your attention.

This post has nothing to do with religion or eggs. Although, I do hope by the end of this post you pray for those less fortunate.

If you are reading this, you have access to a computer. When you are done you will get something to eat, go watch television or go to bed. Do me a favor.

When you go get something to eat, try to picture all of the homeless with neither money, nor a place to stay or a source of food. Remember our servicemen who are living in the mideast, eating k rations while praying they don't get killed while protecting American interests. I don't care why we are there. The point is, it is American military personnel and they need our support.

As you watch tv, Check the news a few times. See the pictures of Irag? See the bombs and terrorist attacks in Afganistan? Look closely at those streets in Irag. There is someone with a gun on every block. Was that a pile of rock over there on the left? No, that was someones home. Now look out our window. How many bombed out buildings do you see? Is there a tank sitting across the street?

Duck!!!! There goes another rocket. Oh wait, that was on TV.

When you go to bed, think long and hard about all those that are sleeping in boxes and under bridges. How many paychecks are you away from that? You have a warm place to sleep, lucky you. How many in this world do not? You have a soft pillow for your head. Take that out and replace it with a rock. Leave the covers off and open the window. Guess what, that is close to how all too many will try and sleep tonight. Oh? You think I'm still talking about Iraq. Get off the computer and get in your car. Drive around, especially in the bigger cities. You'll see many that are homeless. Know any of them? They could have been your neighbors, Your friends, or someone in your family. While you are out, take that money you were going to use to get a cup of coffee and put it in one of those red kettles. At least at this time of year you can pretend to care and give away a few pennies. You talk a great talk about how we should do something to help. Good, put your money where your mouth is.

Now, when you get back home, go to bed. Get some sleep and try to convince yourself you made a change in the world. You didn't, by the way. Do something year around and you will. As you dream, picture what the Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Afgan people are seeing. Will the home be here tomorrow or will that next rocket or car bomb take it out?

Sleep well