Wednesday, November 01, 2006

non affordable economy

I live in a modest (under $60k) house. There are three out of four here working and one is working two jobs. But, thanks in large part to our fantastic pres who thinks sending our boys to fight in a country that no longer needs us but does have a big effect on oil prices, the cost of our very existence is out of our price range. There was a time when folks could afford to put gas in their car and buy groceries in the same week. But since the middle east isn't making enough of a profit and the insurance companies need bigger buildings, we, the little people, get to realize the true meaning of global warming. Our money warms the hands of the politician in the form of higher taxes so that congress gets bigger raises. It warms the insurance company so they can build fancier buildings and send out more junk mail and it warms the doctors hands so he can make us take more pills and they can then take longer and fancier vacations.


Dorothy said...

You know I've been talking about this for some time. Prices of everything has gone up, but has our wages? Hell no. Burns me up.

Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

The middle class has been shrinking for a long time while big business profits have skyrocketed. While gas prices have continued to rise, increasing the cost of everything, the oil companies have been crying poverty while making record breaking profits. It comes down to who has power and who is willing to stand up to speak out. There are elections coming up. It's time to take a stand or soon there will be no place to stand.

Jeni said...

Perhaps my understanding of micro-economics has to do with my apparent misunderstanding of the logic expressed by many with respect to the raising of minimum wage - I firmly believe it would help the economy, overall, to raise it and give the folks who do the bulk of the "grunt" work in society a shot at a little better wage.

What I don't understand at all, is the mega-millions/billions of profits the oil companies made in the past year - since Katrina - and the out-of-sight increases to us, the consumer, for gas, fuel oil for heat, etc., and now suddenly, the price to us has been dropping. Still not down to what is an affordable figure, not by a long shot, but granted a lot better than they were.

How come those prices were able to make such dramatic drops so suddenly - almost, but not as quickly, as they increased those prices on us a year ago and yet, to my understanding, many repairs are still needed to get the oil lines rebuilt from Katrina.

I'm confused! Frustrated by this whole mess as well!

Like you, Ron, I remember days, not that terribly distant past either, when I could purchase gas for the car, fuel oil for the house and a relatively adequate amount of groceries all in the same week. Ok, not enough left over then for medical/dental care or vacations and other extravagant items - clothing - but at least, I could get some type of shelter and food for my family and self.

Not so today! Sad to say! But we have money to burn to rebuild other countries and yet our own is slowly seeming to fall apart at the seams!

Anonymous said...

And I thought the prices are only going up in this corner of the world!
Well, I believe I was wrong!

Hello there, I am a new visitor from a country called Sultanate of Oman in the Middle east :)
I like your blog and your writing style :)