Monday, November 06, 2006

drugged to death

According to the TV, I have a doctor. I have been to Walgreens and another big drug store and did not find any doctors for sale. Even if there was, I wouldn't buy one. I don't want one. All they do is take half your paycheck and give you scrips to spend the other half on pills.

We, as Americans, spend the last half of our short lives downing pills. There's a pill to go to sleep, a pill to make you thin, clean out arteries, make you cry and heaven only knows what else. We are a drug induced nation!! I believe very strongly that this is lowering our life expectancy. I find it amazing how few pills my parents and grandparents took and how old they lived to be!!

None of them worried about how long an erection lasted, or even if they got one. It was nothing for them to pull an apple off the tree and just eat it. Oh my goodness, they did not wash it! I grew up taking strawberries and wild grapes along with a lot of other wild fruits and never did get sick. I've pulled up potatoes and wiped the dirt off and eaten them. Hmm, I guess I was supposed to get sick.

The bacon I eat, the water I drink, and good grief, even the high cholesterol foods has not made me deathly ill nor increased my weight to the point of needing a crane to lift me up. What is more important is that I do not stress over these things. Let the surgeon general have a heart attack worring over what color my food is. Take those damn drug ads off the tv and out of the house and maybe, just maybe, the kids won't find their own drugs. As it is now, it's fine for the kids to take drugs because look at mom and dad's medicine cabinent.

We are a drug induced, tv influenced nation with cell phones growing out of our ears. I guess that's why we can't think straight, interact socially or hear what is going on around us.


Barbara Williamson-Wood said...

This is so true of our society. take a pill to wake up one to sleep one to get you through the day. lose weight in a hurry, fast food, high tech.. What will become of of the furture. People need to step back and smell the roses..
love this true...


Jeni said...

Gotta say this - I agree in part with what you are saying - we do rely at times, too much on various drugs.

However, there are other benefits at times to some aspects here. Having been down the road the last three years with colo-rectal cancer, then herniated disc, then a urinary tract blockage and just recently more abdominal surgery that required a colostomy, God bless who ever was the scientist who discovered the pain pills that were available to me, which were safer than the type available 20, 30, 40 years ago, in the sense of addiction probabilty.

And also, for the chemo drugs and the ones which allowed me to endure the chemo when it made me so sick I couldn't eat. But, you see, ultimately, those drugs also saved my life for a few more days.

Can't discount all things involved with medicine Ron - too many other factors come into play there.

But, like you, I too grew up eating tomatoes fresh from the garden that only saw my shirttail to use to wipe the dirt off, strawberries also fresh off the plants with no water other than the rain to wash them too. Eating green beans or peas while we shelled them. All kinds of stuff like that.

Just have to re-learn when/where to apply common sense to things too.

Dorothy said...

LOL, great post, Ron! Life used to be so simple...wish we could go back to those times.

LL Rucker said...

I totally agree with you, Ron. As a child we had a huge garden, and in the summer, we were always banished to the yard. Momma would not have us up in the house on a pretty day. So, armed with a book, or a ballbat and ball, or some horseshoes, we spent our time playing games or wiling away the afternoon under a shade tree with a book.
At lunch time, we were handed, out the back door, a PB&J sammy and a glass of coolaid and a salt shaker and told to go get us a tomatoe, or a tater out of the garden, which, like you did, was never washed. We ate apples right off the tree and we were NEVER sick!
Yep, whoever said Better living through chemicals has never tried it our way!!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother lived to be 96 and was healthy, died of old age, something rarely seen today. Medicines yes, when needed and in moderation, but as much as the drug companies push on TV for even the smallest thing, it's making a nation of people too dependent on doctors for every little twinge of pain. Whatever happened to chicken soup and bed rest.

NightRainbow said...

I have to agree completely with this one!!!

Anonymous said...

A nice post! It's great to know how the things are there in your part of the world :)
Well, I think my dad is a drug addict too! lool! He is almost 70 years old and he is already suffering from hyper tension for more than 20 years now! He takes so many pills of various types! And he is so stubborn to consult a doctor! He takes the pills based on his own experience! :s
Once a pill works for him, he buys that pill over and over again!

We haven't reached the stage of phones growing out of our ears yet! lool! But I believe that we are heading towards there ! :p

Schuyler Thorpe said...

That's a great commentary, Ron! Sums up what we are in this time and space these days.

For me, I'm on four types of medications myself. Two for asthma, one for my nerve degeneration, and one to keep my blood thinned out.

And if I get kidney stones, I get another pain killer. And if I get a clot, 3 weeks of needle injections to the stomach. (lol)

But you know, from 1994 to 2002, I wasn't heavily medicated--aside from antibiotics for a severe cold now and then, and one case of blood clots.

Until now.

So I'm guessing something changed in 2002 which caused me to start this course of medication. Either environmental or internally-caused, I don't know which.

But after seeing what Bush has done to environmental laws and regulations, I'm betting a part of my problems on the former and the rest on the latter. (heh)

Einhornin said...

well Ron, did you ever thought that the reason why you did not get sick could have been the fact that you were not informed well about all the deseases you could cath? That's true, the new era, the information age, informs you well so thatt you could help yourself getting the right deseases at the right time for the right cause, so that you help them afford their medical concerns.

Anonymous said...

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