Sunday, November 05, 2006


We live in the age of wonder. We've gne from the mechanical age to the electrical age to the electronic and have entered the strange world of biotechnology. This can be proven very easily. Take some of that stuff the government really doesn't want you to have. Let's see, what do they call it? Sorry, it has been a long time since I've even seen it. Oh that's right, money. Most of it is now housed in some museum someplace.I think its called Fort Knox.

The reason we the people aren't allowed that stuff is because it has magic properties. Observe if you will, what happens when someone who has somehow acquired some of this magic paper walks into a store that sells cellular phones. He/she will hand this magic paper to the person behind the counter and poof! like magic, a cell phone grows out of their ear! I am surprised they are able to sleep at night with this new added appendage. I would imagine it has a breakin period. I find it amazing how many of these biological appendages have maliciously attached themselves to others.

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