Thursday, October 12, 2006

The surreal writer

Thought I better let everyone know I'm still around. I've had this blog for quite awhile but haven't been on here much. Well, since I'm not working at a brick and mortar place anymore maybe I can post every now and then.

Here is something to do for fun.

Heres a new way to have fun at home.Supplies:small plastic fishsmall magnetssome sticksstringGlade scented candletoothpicksLittle smokiesglow in the dark starssetup:glue small magnets on fish. Attach a small magnet to one end ofstring and other end to stick.put stars on ceiling.fill bathtubNow, wait until dark, turn the lights out and you can go fishing inthe bathtub. When you've caught your limit, come back to thecampground (table), and have a weinie roast. Use the toothpicks tohold a little smokie over the campfire (Glade candle). You can thensit around and sing campy little songs.

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Dorothy said...

Makes me miss the real thing!!!