Monday, October 16, 2006

An open letter to all creditors

To all creditors,

Do not call us. Do not have your computer call us. We know what we owe, to whom and how much. You will get paid. We have only so much money and we pay on a priority scale. Where you are on the list depends on what and when you'll be paid. Our list, in order is:
Car payment

You classify as one of the others. If there is any money left, you will get some pittance. If you do not live on a street, use a vehicle (including buse), have some type of utilities and are not a machine and thus require some type of sustenance (food), then you have the same list.

Our ultimate dream is that you someday are on the other end of the type of calls you take great pleasure in making.


A consumer

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

LOL, Ron, I know what you mean! I hate people selling stuff when I don't ask for it!!!