Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Media release for Computers simplified



Ron Berry

For Immediate Release

Computers are stupid, you are not!

Computers Simplified by Ron Berry was released on Oct. 1.

Computers are simple; all they know is on or off. However, between that simple machine and you the user is Big Bad Microsoft, and they aren’t simple. They take what you want and tell the machine. Computers are easy but they are high tech, and as such there is a lot of terminology that can be very confusing. That’s where Computers Simplified comes in. This book puts the fancy language into human language. After reading this book, the computer salesman won’t be able to confuse you, and sell you something you don’t want and don’t need.

Ron Berry knows his field of computers well enough to show even the most novice of users how to repair or upgrade their system just by talking to them via the phone or messenger. With unlimited patience, he helps others take as much time, ask as many questions as needed and repeats calmly all instructions until the information is understood. A lack of computer knowledge is not a drawback when asking for Mr. Berry’s help. As long as the person understands English, any and all problems can be solved.

"I don't know what I would have done if not for Ron Berry," says Dorothy Thompson, editor of The Writer's Life. "A simple think like deleting cookies sent my head in a tailspin. Not only can I delete cookies and unused files, Ron has shown me how I can perform simple maintenance on my computer without hiring outside help. COMPUTERS SIMPLIFIED has been a godsend, and one in which I highly recommend."

Ron Berry, a Cedar Rapids native, has been working with computers for over twenty years. His original experience was with mainframes but when pc’s for the home came out, he wasted little time in having his own. Years of experience with electronics prepared Mr. Berry well for his foray into the world of computing. After receiving his degree in Electronics, he went to work in the Avionics field. Between using computers to test sundry Avionic components and taking a part-time position doing technical support, Mr. Berry’s understanding of computers became well developed.

Computers Simplified is available on Mr. Berry’s website:

A media kit and photos are available on request

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