Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's get real!

Ok, it's time to look at a bit of reality here. Bad people will enter this or any other country no matter what is done to keep them out. By putting up fences and other barriers we increase the number of bad immigree's. Why? Because it is a challenge to them. We want to keep the foreigners out yet we move all production companies to their countries. Does that make sense?

The real question is, why do we need to put up any kind of barrier? Open the borders between the US and Mexico as well as between US and Canada! Let the people come in. The immigrants that sneak in do jobs that most Americans don't want to do anyway. That also allows Americans to get into Mexico to work at the real jobs since they have all moved there anyway.

I would like to see the federal government do something it has not done in decades.



Linda L Rucker said...

Why bother opening the borders? THey already are and have been since the flood of Haitians back in the 70's.
Personally, I would build a freaking dome around the whole country and tell the rest of the world to piss off. Next time your country gets invaded, hit by a natural disaster, disease, famine or any other catastrophic event, call some one else to pull your fat out of the fire and leave us the hell alone!!
It seems no matter what the U.S. does it is wrong, wrong, wrong, BUT we are generally ALWAYS the first to offer aid and funds.And the first ones called to render assistance. But, these other countries want to dump their garbage over here and expect us to feed, clothe, house and medicate them, at what cost to you and I?
Sorry Ron, I totally disagree. But, I do respect your right to rant!

Dorothy said...

Linda said, "Personally, I would build a freaking dome around the whole country and tell the rest of the world to piss off."

I died laughing...but you know it's not a bad idea.

Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

Instead of building a dome, how about just annexing Mexico either by invasion or asking them to join the union. Think about it. The debate between the illegal and legal would be over for all Mexicans; they would all be citizens and the oil reserves they have would be part of this countries assets. Our laws would apply, so all the companies who moved there for the cheap labor would suddenly have to pay at least mininum wage and have to meet health and safty standards according to this country. The Drug Lords could be confronted and taken down by our laws; there would not longer be the corruption in the government to protect them. It would open up good teaching and techical jobs for our country as their system right now is so flawed that is unworkable. In addition the southern Mexican border is much narrower and easier to defend.

Anonymous said...

Hey,Ron. Always remember that what we see and hear on the news is "packaged" by folks who want to manipulate our thinking.
Get the info, and then always do your own thinking without allowing them to influence you with their spin.
Our country is in the early stages of major upheaval because of these illegals. They are not like the Europeans who came here and learned English and became Americans.
Now folks who come here are Mexican-Americans,Afro-Americans,and others.
The problem is that America is losing it's national identity just like Rome did.California is already controlled by the His-panic vote. Texas,Arizona,New Mexico,are close behind .With thousands of illegals coming across every day, if you believe the press, how much longer can our country support that as an America?
Not much longer.
California,Texas,AX, and NM will soon start demanding seccession.
Why not? It was their country before we stole it from them.
Will this be another American Civil War. Will the rest of America fight to keep California, and Texas in the US? I don't know.
Hispanics will control that entire region by 2050.
Census projections just recently released prove it.

I don't object to Mexicans immigrating to the US, but let's be realistic. If they want to be American's, then they should learn the language.

My neighbors are Mexican. I think they are illegal because they can't speak English. The young son mowed my lawn this summer. He is a hard working little boy. He did a pretty fair job for a 12 yo kid.The family has been here three years and the kid can speak a little English,not much, but his parents can't speak it at all.

Nations like Rome, and America are always doomed because they are ripped apart from the inside because of too much diversity. With so many diverse cultures we don't have enough common fabric to hold us together for long.

I dunno!

Jay Hudson