Tuesday, October 31, 2006

healthy living???

Ok, I'm getting a little fed up with all this healthy stuff they are throwing at us on tv. Let's see, what does it take to be healthy?

First, avoid the foods that the Surgeon General has deemed unsafe. That includes: Milk, Bacon, fried foods, sweets, anything that is green, anything that is white, anything that tastes good. Then, you go to the doctor to get a bunch of those carb killing pills and whatever other pills the doc wants to have you spend your last penny on. You might as well spend the money on drugs (legal type), because there is little at the grocery store, except the vitamins and energy boosters.

Then, once you've got most of your money spent on drugs and vitamins, you spend the rest of your life savings on some fitness videos and a bowflex. Oh, someplace in there, you must try to squeeze in some insurance also. That way they can afford to build fancy buildings and the top brass can go on those expensive tours.


Dorothy said...

Well this is the way I see it. I'm going to die anyway, so I eat what I want. My cholesterol is a little high the last time I went to the doc, but I don't see it killing me. My latest to-die-for snack is marshmallow peanuts...omg...Brach's of course. Got a half-eaten bag beside me right now. If I want to exercise, I'll go take the dogs for a walk. I have an exercise bike that sits not touched. I do want to live a long time, but meanwhile, I'm going to live life at its fullest...at least when I die, I will die happy. ;o)

Linda Rucker said...

I wonder how it is that my Aunts, Uncles, and my great grandparents lived to their eighties and ninties? They ate pork, lots of it, red meat, as much as they wanted. My Great Grandma baked the best sweet stuff, made her own egg noodles and I do mean egg. Twelve egg yolks per batch, they were as yeller as gourds. They smoked, had thier little toddies of an evening, and, well you get the picture. If I can live to be eighty, I will de tickled shitless and will, as Dorothy says go to my grave, a happy, fat, ornery old broad who had a helluva good time!