Friday, October 13, 2006

animal house

I counted the number of stuffed animals in this room, 10 plus the doll, Marvin. Two of those beasties are on the bed. They have special significance. Amber, my daughter got a lavender elephant out of one of those claw machines. She gave it to me. It has, actually, double meaning since as a kid (many, many decades ago), I had a black stuffed elephant a friend made for me and of course being a gift from my daughter. In honor of my childhood special friend, I named her Lolly. She's female because not many guys are comfortable in bright lavender. The other special animal is Eeore. I got this from Rose. She won it this summer when we went to Adventureland. I won for her, a frog and bright blue octopus. Both of whom decorate this room.

I find the presence of the animals in this room to be a source of great pleasure and inspiration. I've always loved stuffed animals anyway. Our car has a bright green and orange spider in the front window, a halloween bear, a little red bear and a sea green bear as well as the grinch. If nothing else, it makes it easier to find our car!


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