Tuesday, October 31, 2006

healthy living???

Ok, I'm getting a little fed up with all this healthy stuff they are throwing at us on tv. Let's see, what does it take to be healthy?

First, avoid the foods that the Surgeon General has deemed unsafe. That includes: Milk, Bacon, fried foods, sweets, anything that is green, anything that is white, anything that tastes good. Then, you go to the doctor to get a bunch of those carb killing pills and whatever other pills the doc wants to have you spend your last penny on. You might as well spend the money on drugs (legal type), because there is little at the grocery store, except the vitamins and energy boosters.

Then, once you've got most of your money spent on drugs and vitamins, you spend the rest of your life savings on some fitness videos and a bowflex. Oh, someplace in there, you must try to squeeze in some insurance also. That way they can afford to build fancy buildings and the top brass can go on those expensive tours.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's get real!

Ok, it's time to look at a bit of reality here. Bad people will enter this or any other country no matter what is done to keep them out. By putting up fences and other barriers we increase the number of bad immigree's. Why? Because it is a challenge to them. We want to keep the foreigners out yet we move all production companies to their countries. Does that make sense?

The real question is, why do we need to put up any kind of barrier? Open the borders between the US and Mexico as well as between US and Canada! Let the people come in. The immigrants that sneak in do jobs that most Americans don't want to do anyway. That also allows Americans to get into Mexico to work at the real jobs since they have all moved there anyway.

I would like to see the federal government do something it has not done in decades.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Remove the dictator!

I just read where the laws have been changed to allow anyone to be searched anywhere anytime! I hereby call for an impeachment of George Bush while we still can!! This is the same path taken by Hitler, Mussolini and all the other malicious dictators of the world. We must act now, while we still have any rights left. One by one our civil rights are being stolen from us and if we just sit here and watch, we will become subserviant to the will of one rich, oil baron!

Stand up and be noticed!!!

unjust Harrassment of writer (reposted)

A writer and close friend in Traverse City Michigan was recently assaulted by two bullies wearing police uniforms. Theresa Pachesny saw headlights in her mirror and moved over one lane. These two city thugs decided she was drunk (no alcohol in her system at all), and arrested her! By denying her her medication (inhalers), she has since become quite ill. Read her full story below. At the end are the authorities to contact to help us rid the system of officers that operate at will with reckless abandon disregarding the rights of the American public.

The Burning Times Aren't Over
Theresa Chaze
I now know how the women of the Burning Times felt being dragged from their homes in the middle of the night and tortured. I wasn't dragged from my home nor was I physically tortured, but I was kidnapped and emotionally tortured by the Traverse City Police Department and the Grand Traverse Sheriff Department of Michigan.

After working a ten hour shift at Normic Industries that started at 3:30 pm Tuesday October 17th and ending 2 am on the 18th, I was driving home on South Airport Road. A few minutes after I turned off Park Drive on to South Airport, a car drove up very close behind me. The headlights were lighting the interior of my car and it was making me very uncomfortable because it simply wasn't safe. If I suddenly had to stop, the other car would have rear-ended me. I turned on my signal and moved into the left lane. The car advanced and I saw it was a police car. I thought he was in a hurry and would pass. Instead, he turned his flashers on. Confused, I turned on my signal and pulled over back in to the right lane, then off to the side of the road, turning off my car and rolling down the window. The officer walked up and I asked "What? What did I do?"

He asked me for my driver's license and registration.

I told him it was in my purse and pointed to the backseat.

He told me to get it, so I started opening the door. He got angry and slammed it shut. He demanded that I get it by reaching around the other way. There was no way I could reach it. He yanked open the door and ordered me to get out and go to the back of my car. I did what I was told, asking what did I do. He refused to answer. Moments later, he walked around riffling through my purse. He asked me if I had anything sharp that would cut him or a weapon. I have a small atheme that I carry for when I do ritual in the woods. It's a set of two knives--two inches and one inch. Since most people don't know what an athame is, I called them knives. I bought them on Ebay for 99 cents. He dug to the bottom of the outside pocket and found them. He again looked through the main pocket, then gave me my purse back and demanded I give him my license and registration. I asked him to hold his flashlight over my purse while I looked for them; it was even a bigger mess than when I gave it to him. After I gave him the forms, I was handcuff and put in the back of the squad car. I kept asking why and neither officer would answer me. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told he knew, but he was too busy to talk to me. Where the second officer came from I don't know. I was so overhelmed, I didn't see if there was a second car. They searched my car without my permission and arranged to have my car towed. They took my keys and drove me to the jail. The handcuffs were so tightened they make my hands numb. Wednesday I woke up with my right wrist hurt and swollen.

After we got to the jail, I was informed that my car was swerving and that is why I was stopped. They arrested me because of my carrying a concealed weapon. I was totally amazed. They took off the handcuffs and I was processed. They took all my jewelry, including my pentacle necklace, and I was searched. During the processing, I was searched twice more, which I didn't understand. Except for going to the bathroom, I was always in their sight, so why would they continually have to search me? Another person was being given a breathalyzer test. I asked to be given one as well. I wanted it as evidence that was sober and I had never done it before. I asked to talk to a supervisor and again was denied. I asked for an attorney and was denied. They placed me in a hallway. There was a payphone, but I didn't know who to call and I no longer had any money. The longer I waited, the more nervous, I became. Stress is the main trigger for my asthma. As the attack started, I asked for my inhaler; they refused to give it to me. It turned into a major attack to the point of throwing up and peeing on myself. An officer walked in and told me to stop making myself sick. I told him the best that I could that I have asthma and needed my inhaler. A few minutes later, he allowed me to use it, but it took a little while before I was able to talk. During that time a dark haired officer with a mustache, who claimed he was a supervisor came it. I told him that I could talk yet and to come back in a few minutes. He never came back, but another one did. He said he was the shift sergeant who arrest me and that the other was the supervisor for the jail. I explain to him what had happened and the actual size of the knifes. He didn't understand why the officer decided to arrest me--that he had the option of not. He also said that the officer contacted him and told him that the knife was three inches long; it was at that point he gave the officer the option of arresting or not. He said at this point there was nothing he could do, but at the 9 am, I would be given my bond hearing and that I would most likely be let go without having to pay a bond. I told him about my asthma, allergies, and hypoglycemia. He said he would make sure that I had access to my inhaler and given something to eat. I told him I would be missing two dozes of my allergy medication because I didn't carry them with me. There was nothing he could do. I asked for an attorney and why my rights hadn't been read to me. He said my rights didn't have to be read to me because they hadn't asked about the knife, but ignored my request for an attorney. Before he left, he again said he didn't understand why I was arrested and was sorry that he couldn't help.

Later I was put into a holding room and bagged lunch with two sandwiches, cookie, juice and an apple were given to me. The juice was high in sugar so it helped bring my blood sugar left back up. The sandwich tasted strange and the bread was all dry. It made me sick. I forced myself to eat half of it because I needed to eat and nibbled on the stale cookie. It was so bad I didn't know what kind it was. I rationed out the juice to keep my blood sugar up. For the rest of the night, I sat on the mattress and walked the parade of people. Every few hours my chest would start to get tight and I would ask for my inhaler. It was hard to get their attention, but eventually it would be provided. Each time the officers were getting nastier about it. Breakfast was served to the other inmates but I didn't receive any, nor was I asked if I wanted any.

There weren't any clocks so I lost track of time. Eventually I was let out to talk to the "magistrate" --the woman who set my bail. I tried to tell her my side; she wouldn't listen. No one would. She was more interested in my income and what property I owned, than finding out what my history was. I tried to tell her that I had never been arrested; like everyone else, she ignored me. She told me I was to go before the judge at 2pm. My bond was set at five thousand dollars with ten percent down. The only person I could think to call who would have access to that kind of money was my employer. I called him and he said he would see what he could do. Later, I was able to use the phone twice more to get bond. My sister-in-law wasn't home; my credit card wouldn't increase my limit. I didn't know what I was going to do.

No one would give me any information nor help me understand the process. For most of the morning, I sat with my back against the wall, crying. Lunch was served, but by that time I had waited to long to eat. Looking at it make me feel nauseous, eating would only make me vomit. Instead, I curled back up in my corner and drank the Kool-Aid type drink they gave me. I continue to ask for my inhaler regularly. The officers were getting hostile. At one point, they nearly refused, but they gave it to me and told me it was the last time. Another officer mentioned that they should send me to the nurse to be checked out. However that wasn't done.

It seemed to be getting late. I started asking about the time. I was told I had to appear before the judge at 2pm. I was already in enough trouble already; I didn't need more by being late. The officers told me not to worry about it; the paperwork wasn't filled out yet, but it would be soon. There was an announcement made for something at three o'clock. I again told an officer about the 2 pm appointment, he told me the paperwork still wasn't ready. Later I asked again about the time, the officer said it was nearly four. Another person and I would be arranged before five. The was a problem with the transfer of a person and there was chaos for about 10-15 minutes. The officers had a good time beating up a young man who was being difficult. They laughed and joked about how they wanted to punch him bloody. After things had calmed down, my court appearance had been pushed back to Thursday at 9:45 am but my bond had been posted. They were just waiting to get the receipt. After dinner had been service, I was finally let out of the cell and my paperwork processed. They had taken all the cash I had on hand and deducted cost of my stay, returning the rest in a check. They wouldn't give me copies of anything bond the receipt of my bond being paid and the check. They allowed me to use the phone. I called my employer to tell him that I had been released. He told me that he had tried to pay the bond earlier, but was told that I would be arraigned at two and that it would be reduced. When he called before three and he found out that I hadn't been, he made arrangements to pay it before 4. I wasn't released until after 5pm. It was too late to contact an attorney. By the time, the cab picked me up and the tow driver returned to the lot, it was after 6:30pm. Neither of them would accept a check and I ended up going over my limit on my credit card in order to get myself and my car home.

On Wednesday, I arrived at the courthouse at 9:30. I asked where I need to be and for my paperwork. I was told I didn't need any and was directed to the courtroom. While I was waiting, I talked to a man who also had been in jail at the same time. He heard the officers joking that my paperwork had been ready for a while, but since I had been a pain they were going to teach me a lesson. It was after 11:30 before I was called before the judge. He finally read me my rights and gave me a phone number to call the next day to get an attorney. I told him I had never been arrested before and he agreed to give me back the ten percent my employer paid. I was able to leave.

I was cooperative from the beginning and through the whole ordeal. I keep asking why, because I wasn’t being given answers. The couple of times in the past, when I had been stopped the first words the officer said was did you know you were speeding. The arresting officer wouldn’t tell me anything. It was as if he was looking for a reason to arrest me and wouldn’t stop until he found one. I didn’t know him and don’t know why he would want to hurt me. I lost two days of work, cost me money I couldn't afford, and has made me physically ill. I learned we do not have as many rights as we think we do. You can be pulled over and arrested without being told why. The officer and his co-workers refused to give me his name or give me a copy of the police report. You don’t have to be read your rights, given access to an attorney, or receive medical attention. You can be bullied and mocked by the people who are suppose to protect you; if you ask questions you are considered a troublemaker and you are detained longer. I always thought the police were to protect the public, but they are the ones the public needs protection from.

Contact info: if you have the time and are willing to calle the Traverse City District Attorney's office at 231-922-4600. The Michigan Attorney General is Mike Cox and his phone number is517-373-1110.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Media release for Computers simplified



Ron Berry

For Immediate Release

Computers are stupid, you are not!

Computers Simplified by Ron Berry was released on Oct. 1.

Computers are simple; all they know is on or off. However, between that simple machine and you the user is Big Bad Microsoft, and they aren’t simple. They take what you want and tell the machine. Computers are easy but they are high tech, and as such there is a lot of terminology that can be very confusing. That’s where Computers Simplified comes in. This book puts the fancy language into human language. After reading this book, the computer salesman won’t be able to confuse you, and sell you something you don’t want and don’t need.

Ron Berry knows his field of computers well enough to show even the most novice of users how to repair or upgrade their system just by talking to them via the phone or messenger. With unlimited patience, he helps others take as much time, ask as many questions as needed and repeats calmly all instructions until the information is understood. A lack of computer knowledge is not a drawback when asking for Mr. Berry’s help. As long as the person understands English, any and all problems can be solved.

"I don't know what I would have done if not for Ron Berry," says Dorothy Thompson, editor of The Writer's Life. "A simple think like deleting cookies sent my head in a tailspin. Not only can I delete cookies and unused files, Ron has shown me how I can perform simple maintenance on my computer without hiring outside help. COMPUTERS SIMPLIFIED has been a godsend, and one in which I highly recommend."

Ron Berry, a Cedar Rapids native, has been working with computers for over twenty years. His original experience was with mainframes but when pc’s for the home came out, he wasted little time in having his own. Years of experience with electronics prepared Mr. Berry well for his foray into the world of computing. After receiving his degree in Electronics, he went to work in the Avionics field. Between using computers to test sundry Avionic components and taking a part-time position doing technical support, Mr. Berry’s understanding of computers became well developed.

Computers Simplified is available on Mr. Berry’s website:

A media kit and photos are available on request

Monday, October 16, 2006

An open letter to all creditors

To all creditors,

Do not call us. Do not have your computer call us. We know what we owe, to whom and how much. You will get paid. We have only so much money and we pay on a priority scale. Where you are on the list depends on what and when you'll be paid. Our list, in order is:
Car payment

You classify as one of the others. If there is any money left, you will get some pittance. If you do not live on a street, use a vehicle (including buse), have some type of utilities and are not a machine and thus require some type of sustenance (food), then you have the same list.

Our ultimate dream is that you someday are on the other end of the type of calls you take great pleasure in making.


A consumer

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reality sets in

Just another rant here. My last post mentioned the idiocy of finding work after fifty. Here describes work no matter the age.

It is very simple. It is not what you know, it's who you know. Unless you are one of the original employees, the first thing one finds when securing work is the good ol boy (good ol girl), network. If the other, older, in terms of seniority, employees like you and you 'fit it', you have a chance. But, if you are independent and also an outsider, which as a newbie, you will be, you don't stand the proverbial snowballs chance. You could be working in the tropics at a place that does not have A/C, and it will feel like the Arctic. You will be tolerated but only until a suitable replacement is found. You'll be treated as if you are trying to take their jobs. Iceberg shoulders and Icicle stares will accompany you all around the workplace.

You have three choices. Give in and become one of the masses and hope you can find a clique to fit into. If that is not to your liking, you can become a penquin and hope for the best. But your medically safest method is to find a different job. Eventually one opens up that actually accepts outsiders. They are rare and far between, but unless you can start your own company or are independently wealthy, those are the only choices.

Bear in mind that if you do manage to survive the working conditions, you still have to contend with management and you must realize that most management positions fall victim to the Peter Principle.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lessons Learned

In my close to six decades of existence, I have learned much. Some of it in schools, but mostly in the school of hard knocks. However, as one ages, some lessons are learned but no one wants to admit to being the teacher. A primary example is employment. Here is how it works.

After the age of forty, it is possible to get a job, if you have a degree equal to or greater than, a bachelor's.
After the age of fifty, it is still possible to secure work, degree notwithstanding. However, it will only be as a dishwasher.
After the age of fifty-five, no place will have you, regardless of knowledge, training, or experience.

In fact, after the age of fifty, holding a job is virtually impossible. This is so because by this age, ninety percent of all jobs are learned in high school, thus making it more economically feasible to hire a high school graduate.

The result of this is a lot of wasted talent and experience. It doesn't matter though because companies save the beloved dollar and the extra energy of the younger generation allows them to fight to reduce medicare. By lowering the amount of medicare that can be paid to the seniors, the faster they die off. Since the unemployable, overtrained, overexperienced seniors are so stressed out by the lack of employment options, the heart attack rate goes up. This is the modern, cold-blooded method of population control. Insurance companies charge an arm and a leg, pay out a pittance to us old-timers and their coffers grow so that the upper mangement youngsters can collect large bonus's. This holds true with most corporations also.

I know, you don't believe what I've just written, but if you survive to the crumbling old age past fifty five, you will experience the same coldness.


animal house

I counted the number of stuffed animals in this room, 10 plus the doll, Marvin. Two of those beasties are on the bed. They have special significance. Amber, my daughter got a lavender elephant out of one of those claw machines. She gave it to me. It has, actually, double meaning since as a kid (many, many decades ago), I had a black stuffed elephant a friend made for me and of course being a gift from my daughter. In honor of my childhood special friend, I named her Lolly. She's female because not many guys are comfortable in bright lavender. The other special animal is Eeore. I got this from Rose. She won it this summer when we went to Adventureland. I won for her, a frog and bright blue octopus. Both of whom decorate this room.

I find the presence of the animals in this room to be a source of great pleasure and inspiration. I've always loved stuffed animals anyway. Our car has a bright green and orange spider in the front window, a halloween bear, a little red bear and a sea green bear as well as the grinch. If nothing else, it makes it easier to find our car!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

The surreal writer

Thought I better let everyone know I'm still around. I've had this blog for quite awhile but haven't been on here much. Well, since I'm not working at a brick and mortar place anymore maybe I can post every now and then.

Here is something to do for fun.

Heres a new way to have fun at home.Supplies:small plastic fishsmall magnetssome sticksstringGlade scented candletoothpicksLittle smokiesglow in the dark starssetup:glue small magnets on fish. Attach a small magnet to one end ofstring and other end to stick.put stars on ceiling.fill bathtubNow, wait until dark, turn the lights out and you can go fishing inthe bathtub. When you've caught your limit, come back to thecampground (table), and have a weinie roast. Use the toothpicks tohold a little smokie over the campfire (Glade candle). You can thensit around and sing campy little songs.